Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dear 2012....

"Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce. Special orders don't upset us. All we ask is that you let us... serve it your way. Have it your way at Burger King......."

Tis an old jingle I often sing. And tis the jingle that (in this new year), that in my ear rings. IF.... and I did say "IF"... IF 2012 were saying to me the same.... IF special orders didn't upset it. IF special orders were accepted. IF we could ask and "have it our way". Perhaps I'd place my order and say....

Hold the mean, and hold the madness. Hold the cold, and all the sadness. Give us joy and don't upset us . Let me have it my way......

And yet, the year isn't a drive-through or a fast food place with someone standing to take my order. If so, if it were, just like there, there'd be a price to pay. It'd cost. My order wouldn't be given free. Hmmm... never thought about such.

Maybe then, I should write my year a letter and ask politely for the things I'd like?

Dear 2012,

Hello. How are you? Nice to meet you (I think). Wow, you're here. I so hope you're kind. I'd ask for you to be tender..... But boy, at the tender last year! I'd like to peek, but know I can't. I'd like to see what you've got in store. What you'll unwrap. What you'll show. What you'll give. What you'll take.....I'd like a glimpse. A little "know". But I know you won't tell me ahead of its time. I know you won't show me what happens until it does. Yet still, I can't help but be curious. I can't help but wonder. I can't help but hope.... I can't help but ask.....  Nothing mean and nothing mad, nothing that hurts and please, nothing sad.............

If I could write such a letter and finish it. Sign, seal, perfume, and deliver it. And if it obeyed. I wonder at all that I'd miss? There's something said for drama and adventure and a lot of suspense. We want life easy and predictable. We want no storms, no scares, no heartaches, no pain, no shame, no insults............. We prefer not to have those "fiery trials"... no being "sifted as wheat".... no temptations, no tests to prove our character. And yet, we seek thrills. We seek scares. We seek highs and lows and "oh my goodness"es! We love to scare each other, or pay to ride scary rides at theme parks. We watch sad movies, or action-packed ones. We like to see someone prove true, to do what's right.... or to come back and right something after they've done wrong. There's something inside us that needs adventure.... a puzzle, a question, an "I don't know," an "I'm not sure," a something to ponder and wonder and work on. We don't like books or movies that are boring. We look for the unpredictable, the suspensible, the adventurous, the it-almost-didn't-happen-but-then-didnesses!............

If we had it our way, we never would have made Abraham wait until it was impossible for him to have a son to have one, Mary wouldn't have been a virgin, we would have missed the burning bush, and the plagues and the parted sea, we'd have missed the donkey that talked, and the lame man healed to walk, the deaf man would never have been deaf, the blind man wouldn't have ever had need to see, Jonah would never have been thrown over to be swallowed by a whale, the storm never would have come for Jesus to tell it to "be still"............................. I don't know, I've been thinking that God knows more than we know, and His plan is greater than mine. I think I'll save myself from placing my order in hopes that He'll serve what I tell Him to,..... and instead, I'll trust Him to plan it and prepare it and chose it and work all the hard and yucky out for good for me as He sees perfectly fit to!

Welcome 2012.... I greatly anticipate all of your unknownnesses....!!

[Disclaimer.. (grin). In case you think that this is a weird ridiculous post... It is! And in case it looks obvious that I've been trying to figure out how to place my order for this year.... I have! And yet, after pondering it out loud for a bit, (in case you can't figure it out) I decided it best to leave well enough alone. The "plan" is safe in my Father's hands.]

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