Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your chariots awaits you...


I am greatly anticipating my tomorrow's meeting! (Is that ever an understatement!) And in my anticipation I FaceBooked a friend requesting prayers for the treasure that I'm assigned to pick up and deliver. If you've not met her yet, click here to do so. Here is a copy of our conversation.... perhaps you'll see the excitement in the words that we typed to each other?
  • Me: Pray for my 88 year old new friend that I'll meet for the very first time in the morning!! I am greatly anticipating our visit! I feel like I am the soldier sent to drive the carriage that is being sent to pick up one of God's most prized precious princesses! Woe, at the honor, that He'd chose me to do it! I plan to be a sponge.... and hope to glean much! May Jesus' love FILL our chariot!
  • Her:  Woe!! As I read your words I was smiling! I LOVED your verbiage... carriage... I so went to another carriage: The Ethiopian Eunuch!!! Don't know why... Honor, indeed!
  • Me: Maybe you and your ladies can pray for us in your Bible study in the morning... and be the wind beneath our wings...? I'm sure if you do that we cannot help but feel (fill!) it!!! 
  • Her: I am SO proud of you AND inspired by your willingness to DO!!! To DO what He has put inside your "want to" for years!!! PLEASE call... I want to hear every detail!! AND you MUST HUG that Princess for ME!!! Tell her my name..... Oh SWEETEST friend, we SHALL pray!! 
  • Me: Wow.... at the Ethiopian Eunuch comparison! Perhaps I was sent to go like Philip... Just a vessel of His when one of His children needs it!
  • Her: Yes!!! Yes! I believe so! He sent! You GO!!! Willingly!!!
  • Me: I will!!!! I'll hug her for you!! I thought all evening of greeting her (after we get inside the carriage, of course, so as not to scare her when I first meet her) as a Princess. And tell her that it is my honor... and that The King Himself has sent me to her. :)
  • Me: Wow! Fun! Do you know how big this is?! Little things that we take lightly.... are really never "little things" in the Kingdom at all! Okay. I'll hush! You can see I'm excited!
  • Her: Can you imagine? I mean 'really'? I can NOT! 
  • Her: Serving is so UNDER rated!!! The more you give... truly the MORE we receive!!! I love your heart! Your passion that comes!
  • Me: No. I cannot imagine either. Can you imagine her heart tonight as she tries to sleep? Can you imagine God as He sees her... and what He thinks? Can you imagine Jesus and the angels around her? Can you imagine all that the Heavenlies are thinking? You know what? I think that it's truly a very big deal to Them! I wish I could see a glimpse of Their rejoicing!
  • Her: OK. Your words brought visuals...... now tears!! YES! He sees! Yes, His angels ARE rejoicing!! She is being SET FREE!!! GLORY!!!!!!! I can recall MANY occasions where I KNEW I was being "set free" / absolved / served my time. HOW can she sleep? Only by the peace of God!!! I will pray for her!! YOU have made her "real" to me!!!
  • Me: Thank you for "loving" those that I love!!! 
  • Her: You "paint" such a real "picture" that I wonder if we truly REALLY consider?? Heavenlies!??!! WOE! Whoa!! REAL!!!!
  • Her: How can I not? Love those you love? There was a time I WAS the petition you begged for!!
  • Me: As you have bent your knees for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Her: Someone is Praying You Through... will forever be a "life~link" for me!!!
  • Me: God's GOoD, isn't He!?! I love all that He does! And to think that He lets us play a part in whatever it is that He's doing!!! Incredible! Too big for our minds to imagine! Yes, people pray us through... simply because GOD HIMSELF puts it in our hearts to! How big is that??!! How massive!!! What Love!!! Incredible! You have to KNOW that God's excited about our excitement over His girl! Wow... minds canNOT imagine!
[Hmmm.... and you know, looking at the picture above that I found to post as a visual.... I wonder at the invisible "court"... the counts and soldiers of the Heavenlies... that will surround us on our journey in our own feeble vehicle tomorrow? Woe, really! IF we only knew!!! Not only that!!!!!! One day there really IS going to be a Royal Wedding!!!!!!! WE (children of God's) really, really, really will be royally attired! We'll have royal robes, and royal slippers, and a royal crown on our heads! Our Prince will meet us! He really rides in on His white horse! Can you even fathom the wonder that awaits us!!].

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