Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh no, she'd better not be leaving too!

Oh the throes of my last post. LQQK what came (or what we found out that came) immediately in the mail after posting it:

You have GOT to me kidding me, right?! I mean, she's beautiful! The pictures are beautiful! We ordered them. We knew they were coming. We'd been looking for them. We were expecting them. 


After the thoughts in the last post? You do realize where my mind took me the moment upon seeing them (Senior pics) after that, don't you?! That: Oh my, she'll soon be leaving me too!

A Senior already! The baby of my three. She doesn't know and we haven't decided yet..... there's no telling WHERE she'll be next year!

Perhaps she'll choose to stay home with her brother? He chose to go to a nearby college on a football scholarship and stay at home with his precious parents ((*smile*)). All three of my babes are the sweetest thangs eva! All three make me laugh until I cross my legs to keep from wetting my pants. They make me dance with them. Sing with them. Watch something on TV with them. Search things on the Internet with them. Shop with them. Eat with them. Come walk outside with them. They're a bowl full of laughter and super fun to be around. And they honesty really do like hanging around their mom and their dad.  It's hard to imagine being left in the one day future without all three of them still living at home with us.

As I said in my last post, Prissy's left. And now Sabrina reminds me everyday that she is very soon graduating... and that she could very well very soon be leaving as well. ................ ........... ........... ....................... ............. Hmmm????................ I think if she does, I just very well may follow her! 


Oh Lord, how blessed I am! Never for a day even do I take those babes of mine for granted! Thank You every day for every second You've loaned them to me!

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