Monday, January 23, 2012

She's gone...

Well, she's 21. Perhaps she's old enough to leave and start out on her own endeavor? But to a mom, do we ever truly want to let go? I had to pry my fingers off of her. Not on the outside where she could see, but from the inside where I tried my dog-level best to hide it from her. She watched us when we left, surprised that we weren't crying.... that, too, was kept concealed. For I didn't think she needed for us to.... she herself was too tender.

This isn't the first time. She's left before. But when she left for the University of Alabama.... I pretty much thought that she'd be back. When she left for Legacy... which took her to Ewtah, Alabama, and to Israel, and to California.... I pretty much thought the same. But this time I'm afraid it could be different. This time she left on her own.... with her own job, paying her own bills, in her own apartment, with her own career, on her own adventure.... This time, I'm not so sure! :/

I don't know what to say. My  feelings right now are too feelingnizationing to be expressed. (Made up word? Yes, exactly. Perfectly fitting to describe me.)

I so VERY MUSH LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!! We have such fUnnnn t(w)ogether! ! She's barely even gone, but I so miSsSSs my gurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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