Thursday, January 12, 2012


My daughter texted me a picture of a partial texted conversation between her and a guy friend of hers. It went like this:

Him: You bumfuzzle me.

Her: Bumfuzzle? Shall I 

Him: Haha yeah bc im not 
sure its a real word!

Her: bumfuzzle - to create a
chaotic situation within a
person's mind.

Him: Exactly what you do to
me! :)

Ha. Bumfuzzled. Been there, done that, worn the t-shirt. Had it done to me. Done it to another.

I couldn't resist the have-to. I also myself looked it up. Bumfuzzle:

  • to confuse
  • to fluster
  • to baffle
  • (and the one chosen to share by my daughter... which happens to have resonated with me as my favorite as well, as obviously as it was hers) to create a chaotic situation within a person's mind

Let me say that again (Read slowly! HEAR what you're reading): "to create a chaotic situation within a person's mind!" 

Oh my goodness, at all the chaotic situations that have been created within my mind!!!!!!!! And depending upon the mood, I'm sad to say that sometimes it doesn't take much to create a chaotic situation happening!

Against my daughter's knowing I was writing about such as this earlier (hopefully the post will soon follow) about "chaotic situations" being created inside our minds (although, I didn't know yet to define it as such).

You know, it doesn't take another person to create it for us. We, all by our lonesomes, have grown very good at creating our own chaotic thinking. And sometimes (it seems), that after we've created such, we can't shut our minds up! What turmoil they muster! What havoc they produce! What misery we wallow in after all that chaos has been created and it sloshes around... breathing more confusion with each new sloosh....

I looked that up, as well, and defined "chaos" too. Some of chaos' definitions described the word like this:

  • the polar opposite of order
  • a state of reality in which one's reality is NOT under control [woe! Love that!]
  • the state of utter confusion

Who can't relate to this? Once the mind loses its control on its thinking, we've lost the state of our reality! Once "bumfuzzled-ness" is allowed to take over and drive, our reality state is no longer sensible! And often, when the thinking is sinful and we allow the sin to set in, once we've given it audience and permission to go where it next desires to takes us to.... chaos! confusion! bumfuzzle-ness! a horrible "situation" of corruption is found erupted between our ears! 

I am reminded that in that state that we have great need to hear God saying to us as God is recorded as saying in Jeremiah 4:14, "O Jerusalem, wash thine heart from wickedness, that thou mayest be saved. How long shalt thy vain thoughts lodge [stop over, abide, remain, dwell, complain, murmur, grumble] within thee?" 

Woe! Wash thine heart from wickedness!

Wash thine heart so that thou mayest be saved!

How long... how long.... how l.o.n.g shalt thy vain thoughts lodge, stop over, abide, remain, dwell, complain, murmur grumble, within thee?????

Woo! I'll tell you what's scary... it's scary how quickly and easily and FAR an unreined thought can take us! And "how long" we can be all caught up in wherever that is!  

Hmmm... it doesn't even really take much to start the bumfuzzling!.................. It doesn't take much to create that chaotic situation inside a person's mind. Bless our hearts, because goodness at all that goes on in there!


Mostly... I thought it was the funniest text ever! I love that guy (and his confusionment). I had to figure out a way to share it! Who knew that God simply wanted to elaborate on it to tell me so much?! :)

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