Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be careful what you app!!!!

My youngest daughter just got an iPhone and she's thoroughly enjoying her play with it! It came in right before she had to leave for work today. And as we speak, she's just now walked back in again. She came in saying, "Mom, they have all kinds of weird apps on here. There's apps to make your boobs bigger....." 

Wait! I said back. How can an app make your boobs bigger?

She said, "No. It's to make your boobs in your pictures look bigger."

Nah! Don't want it!

Then, "There's an app that's a menstrual cycle counter and tells you what your moods swings should be. And when. Like, when you should be happy. Or when you should just stay away from people. There's an app to hypnotize yourself......" And she continued to list more.

I don't know. There's evidently a whole host of who-in-the-world-ever-came-up-with-that app selections to app if you'd like to.

I told her, "Sabrina, be careful what you app.... someone might get a hold of your phone sometimes and see what you've apped. It could be embarrassing."

She agreed (as we both died out laughing)!

And now (I may be sharing way too much information in one night), my oldest daughter came and joined us on my bed. She told me that she just texted her friend and said, "Justin, I'm going to the farm tomorrow!!! I'm so excited that I don't know whether I'm going to cry when I get there, or pee my pants." 

Justin replied, "Well, yeah, those are two totally different bodily functions."

She said, "Ewe. I can't believe he just said that."

I said "I can't believe you just did! And he's right, they are both totally different bodily liquidizations of some kind."

She was even more grossed out from what I said than what he did. Hey, she's the one that said what she said first to start it!

Okay.... so now you get a glimpse of our weirdnesses at night. Maybe it's time for us to go to bed?!

But! Before I do. Back to the apps. It's good advice to take in life, "Be careful what you app".... as in what applications you pick up from what's offered to you to apply to yourself! We app too quickly sometimes. When sometimes we can refuse an app that wants to be app-ed in life.

Application: Anger
Application: Mean
Application: Envy
Application: Bitter
Application: Greed
Application: Love
Application: Grace
Application: Forgive
Application: Share
Application:.............. you get the picture! We're quick to app! Just be careful which ones you apply... If you don't make wise choices, it really could get embarrassing.

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