Sunday, January 29, 2012

Like... really? Like.... behind the wheel??

My husband is an excellent salesman! He's evidently a super-duper-dude at his job! He's been one of the top salesman probably as long as we've been married. And we've been married 26 years... that's a very long time. People love him! I often tell people that he's like Joseph and Samuel, every since I've known him, he's grown in favor with men and with God. I don't know that he's ever met an enemy.

He's won lots of prizes... many of them places. We've gone on cruises and flown to exotic vacation islands and here and there all through the years. All I can say about his latest win is... is that it sure is gonna be different! It was defined in the email as a "Nascar Experience"! We're to expect another email that is soon to follow giving more detail.... But what I got from the one that was just sent us? I think that HE is one of the ones that will be getting behind the wheel and driving! You've got to understand this, he doesn't know how to drive a manual. And he has trouble staying between the lines in the neighborhood. He isn't sure what a stop sign is. He may be a great salesman... but his driving is known for his inability to do it! 

Hmmm.....? What can I make of this? It's three weeks from now. Surely God has something fun and interesting to teach us in there somewhere? Surely there's a parallel to learn? A parable of sorts? A visual in the experience to teach something in the spiritual realm. I shall wait... and ponder in the meantime... and anticipate what it is that my Jesus can show and then teach me there and through this! :)

He doesn't have to. I just know Him. And I know, too, that it's something that He often does! Especially when asking. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be pleading at His door asking for Him to! I am anxiously expecting.... and I bet my Jesus is just as anxious... since we've involved Him, I think He's enjoying this journey with us just as much as we are! :)

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