Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh wow! What shall I get her???

I just got an email from the prison. The social worker was asking me if I would pick up and transport a lady getting out of prison on this coming Monday? She's sorry for the late notice, "But," she wrote:

"... She's 87. Her birthday is Saturday, she'll be turning 88. She's been incarcerated 16 years. She's frail. In a wheelchair. I don't feel comfortable putting her on a bus. Would you mind taking her?...."

Would I mind? 

Is that a question? 

I'd consider it an honor to! 

And now the thought plagues me..... "What'll I get her... for her birthday????" For at 88... surely, I'll have to get her something!!!

Sadly, I am taking her to a transitional home about an hour and a half from here. (Wow, when typing that just now, I realize that I am actually taking her to the city that I just moved my daughter to. Hmmm??? Perhaps there are visits in the forecast??? Perhaps Divinedly ordained, planned on purpose by our God, ones? I have to wonder, "God, is this another one of Your set-ups?")

Anyway, back to the "sadly" part. I'm taking her to a transitional home... not home-home. Why? Does no one at home want her? Can no familiar face and none of her family pick her up to rejoice a minute with her? At 88??? Surely, can't someone?

Eighty-eight... and finally being wheeled out of prison after all that time. Wonder, I wonder, wonder what in the world that feels like?

I'm excited! I can't wait to meet her!


  1. Hope she is no longer a danger to society ;)

  2. You know, Zombie, my first wonder was: "She was 71 when she was sentenced! What in the world did she do at that age??? And oh my, will we still be tempted with such evil in our 70s by such things that can still land us in prison???!! Do we never get to an age where it can be smooth sailing from there on out until Heaven???"

    Since I posted I was informed of what she'd done. She only served 16 years of a 30 year sentence... if that gives you any clues of what it could have been. Regardless of her past sin, I have heard that she's the sweetest thing and that all the inmates love her!