Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trying to wear big girl panties

A month or so ago my oldest daughter was in the throes of a quandary. She was restless in her indecisiveness. She was trying to figure out whether she wanted to move to another city or simply stay here. She felt both the pull to go... and the pull not to. She has lots of friends that live there already, and several more of her friends are going. They were all talking about finding a house to rent together. A new store was opening where she'd really like to work. But her roots were growing deeper since she'd been home, and she wasn't sure she truly wanted to uproot them again so soon. In her perplexity she asked me my opinion and I told her that only she alone could make that decision, that I couldn't make it for her. I told her that, "I am definitely not trying to push you out of the nest... but I am trying to be all grown-up with big-girl panties and let you have your wings to fly if you want to." That statement made us both want to cry.

I've enjoyed her so much! We stay up most nights way into the wee hours of the morning discussing everything together and giggling ourselves silly. Not only do we have a sweet mother-daughter relationship, but we've become really, really, really very good friends.

She put the whole thing in God's hands. And He did what He does and blew both of our minds with His answer. She was offered a managers position at the new Free People store that is opening in Birmingham in February. She flies out to Austin in 2 1/2 weeks for the training. Just when we thought that she may be staying home after all and that Birmingham wasn't in the plan... He ups and surprises us and turns everything topsy-turvy. She found this out 2 days ago... and she's been on full speed ahead every since. Woo... there's lots to get ready before then... but it looks like this thing is really going to happen.

And so now I sit here thinking about it. Because it's now time to put my big girl panties on and let that precious bird of mine fly out again. Wow, sometimes it's hard being a mom..... even though, I am a very proud one! Free People, huh? Who would have thought? I'll say this though, because of Jesus Christ and all that He's done in her life, she's now one of the free-est people I know! Free People seems to perfectly fit her!

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