Friday, January 27, 2012

A good day. A prayer. And some wonders.

Yesterday was a very good day. It was one huge, sweet, good, thing after another. It was a day packed full with woe-ing wonder of God.... what He's doing, what He's done, and what He's going to do. What He's put into place. What He's accomplished. What He's setting-up to bring about... in His perfect time to. I cannot begin to tell you the puzzle pieces that He showed us! "Us"? Me and a friend. We ahhhed and ooohed over each new found piece! We looked hard at them. We turned them over. Examined each crevice, each nook, each shape, and each corner. We valued them. Weighed them. And wondered..... at the picture that these puzzle pieces showed us a glimpse of!!! We couldn't control our marvel! One of the most interesting parts, is comparing her pieces with my pieces when we've not talked in a very long time, in how similar they were and how they so succinctly fit together. Who, but God, can do what He does?!

The evening/night ended with me driving to Birmingham. I went to the Church of the Highlands to give ADOC training for those interested in prison ministry. We were blown away by a multitude of things when we got there... but perhaps that is for another day....?

I had the sweetest drive up there alone in my vehicle with my Father. At one point, as serious as my heart could be, I said to Him (yes, I wrote it while driving):

"Lord, I don't want to miss what You've called me to do, what You've beckoned me to, what You've convicted me of, and compelled me to do. I don't want to dismiss Your probings and Your proddings. I don't want to miss the whisper of Your voice, or dismiss the loud voice of Yours that I've heard when I KNOW You've called me. Help me to not only hear You, but also to heed to what I've heard! Help me not to ignore You whether on purpose or because I get busy and distracted before I go through with it. I don't want to leave this earth before I've done all that You've purposed and prepared and planned for me to do. Before I've done what You've equipped me for! "Every day ordained for me was written in Your Book before even one of them came to be...".... Oh Lord, please forgive me for not bowing and submitting and fulfilling all those things "ordained"-for-me-to-do things on all the ordained-beforehand-days that I didn't! Keen my ears to hear! And pierce my heart until doing! Provoke the passion inside me so much so that I am uncomfortable until moving! Help me to know, Jesus, that You are still going about Your Father's business... this time in me! Help me to realize what that is.... and then, Lord, help me to get busy and to be about it!....."

"What do God's hands look like," I wondered on the way? The answer was simple. They look like mine and like yours... when we're doing what He's told us. How can people see them if we fail to carry out His mission? If we fail to help the need of our neighbor when we see it? When we pretend to not hear the cry when we walk by that someone that's hurting? When God shows us the need, and we look, but then we do nothing? 

When I look at my hands, I wonder, do they look like the hands of Jesus like they're supposed to? I know, but I sure want them to!

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