Monday, August 16, 2010

What if

A lot of time you hear people ask, "What if you died tomorrow?" But, let me ask today, what if you L-I-V-E-D????..... And lived it to the fullest?

What if we didn't just live for the weekends.... but we LIVED on Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays, as well, and fully appreciated every day we've been given... and lived it like it was our last?

What if we really didn't whine or complain.... but made positive use of each moment?

What if we didn't hate the time or the place that we're in.... but were thankful to God for each time and each place and each season.... knowing each place and each time and each season had reason?

What if we really didn't do what we didn't want done to us to another someone.... nor said about anybody else that we wouldn't want said about ourselves (whether true or not)?

What if we really knew that our wrong toward another person that wronged us didn't make our wrong any righter?

What if we chose joy..... regardless of our circumstance and the mood that we're in?

What if we didn't begrudge what we didn't have.... because we were too grateful for all that we did?

What if we weren't always waiting for the next moment, or next year, or next season, or next circumstance.... but milked this moment for all that it's worth?

What if we really did honor our father and mother.... regardless of what they did or didn't do with or for us?

What if we forgave.... as we wanted to be forgiven?

What if we quickly re-fixed our downcasted face as soon as our faces fell?

What if we chose not to worry.... ever!...... and fully trusted our Savior?

What if we spent more time on our INsides... than we did on our OUTs?

What if we didn't just ask God to talk to us... but we opened up His word to see what He's said?

What if we actually listened to God, heard what He told us, and did what He's told us?

What if we didn't envy.... but rejoiced when others were blessed?

What if we didn't keep record of wrongs.... but kept record only of rights? :)

What if we never dogged a person to another..... EVER! Regardless! At all. No matter?

What if we were really grate-full... and thank FULL..... totally FULL, completely FULL, full and overflowing absolutely FILLED with thanks, leaving no room for ungratefulness or misery or meanness or bitterness or ___?

What if we stayed contended in the prayers God has answered.... instead of instantly being discontented with something else and quickly begging for more?

What if we totally surrendered and followed our Savior in heart, in thought, in mind, in action?

What if we actually stayed Home... and kept from wondering off to Egypt in our famines of hunger for this thing or that?

What if we truly trusted, truly believed, and was at rest in our trusting Him?

What if we loved like we're told to love.... those we like, those we don't, our enemies..... and we really prayed FOR them and not against?

What if............................................................

Okay.... so as you can see I'm having a "what if" morning.

Seriously though: What if................

And, what if we "lived"?!

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