Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can things just be simple a minute?

A friend messaged me this morning asking for prayers. This time for someone else that's battling an old addiction (like sometimes all of us do) again!

I wrote back telling her that I'd pray for him, pray for her, pray for them, and pray for his family. And then I said, you know, you've got to wonder why things just can't be easy for a while? Like... can't everyone just sit up straight and be still. Don't move. Don't turn around. Don't look back. Don't turn to the left. Or to the right. And especially don't turn to a drink or a drug (whether legal or not) or a guy or a girl that hopes to ensnare. Won't everyone just mind their manners, mind their thoughts, mind their actions, and mind their senses. Don't look at something you shouldn't. Touch something you shouldn't. Consume something you shouldn't. Listen to something you shouldn't. Speak something you shouldn't. Or go somewhere you know better than to be going. In other words: Be careful little eyes what you see.... little ears what you hear.... little mouth what you say..... and little feet where you go. That little ditty we learned in bible school years ago.... has profound wisdom that would keep us all out of the trouble that we're quick to find ourselves in if we didn't fail to heed to its advice.

You know, Jesus came to set the captives free! But why so often once freed do we seek to be re-captured.... a lot of times by those very same miserable chains that we earlier fought to get freed from?

Oh Father God, help us! Today, right now, especially help him! For Your Son died and rose again for this very thing!

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