Friday, August 6, 2010


A tender-hearted new friend of mine introduced me to the "Big Book." At first I thought he was talking about the Bible. No, for the Bible's not referred to as the "Big book," instead, it's "the Bigger Book." The Big Book is the book: Alcoholics Anonymous.

So, this afternoon, in hopes to learn lots of things I do not know, I find myself settling down and enveloping myself in this Big Book anticipating what it has to teach me.

Already, I'm intrigued. I'm an underliner. A noter. A highlighter. But this book is Online. I find myself greatly needing it typed on physical paper. I feel I must capture the moment physically in some form of action in order to sow it deeper into my brain and I cannot. Perhaps I'll soon have to buy the book in normal book form?

Believe it or not, I could say a lot already just from the Foreword and The Doctor's Opinion, but I'll refrain and note something I've just read in Chapter 1's first paragraph. He writes, "I was very lonely and again turned to alcohol."


Alcohol is not your friend! It's not a friend ever at all to anybody! It's desire isn't to help you, but to harm you, to enslave you, to master you and make you bow to its bidding.

And still...

Wonder at all of the things we 'turn' to in our loneliness? Wonder at all the things we reach for in our search for a 'friend?'

I have much to read. But today, just now, at this time, in this hour, in this minute, I'm pondering the things we seek in our loneliness to find "friends" in..............

Oh... at the deception of the enemy that disquises in order to deceive us!

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