Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm jealous.

A guy messaged me on Faceback today. He simply said this: "You love God so much....I am envious."

Oh wow! I know him. I know some of the struggle he's going through. I know life's really really hard right now. What do you say when someone says that?

I wrote him back, "I do!!!!!!!!! I'm probably His biggest basket-case!!! But though I'm sure I almost bug Him to death... He sure is good... and He does so much for me! I've told you before (because I mean every word of it) I WOULD BE HORRID WITHOUT HIM! I stay under His feet..... to keep my feet from going other places in the opposite direction of His. :)"

His reply was, "I admire you."

He's down. It didn't take verbalize words to hear it.

"Nah," I said, "it's just the Jesus in me that you admire. I'm yucky when He's not inside. Hey... you can "love Him so much" too! He's big enough for the both of us! And the biggest Thrill you can find!" And then, I asked him how he's doing?

He wrote, "I am OK ...I need him ...now."

"He's there!" I said, "Even before you ask... but especially when you do. I'll pray for you! Be strong... with His help!"

And I left there feeling defeated.

How can I tell him... if I don't know how to?

Our conversation took me back to my remember-when. I remember seeing that passion and love and fire for God in somebody else. I remember wanting that too. I remember coming home and praying daily.... many times daily... "God, make me crazy about you."

I prayed it so much that my kids also started praying it for me. Priceless! I loved hearing it come from their lips!

And now... years later, it's been so long, it's almost hard now to imagine not having had always felt this way. Even in sad times, hard times, mean times, storms, even in the quandry of rebellion... I feel Him differently now. I don't doubt that He's there. I don't doubt that He cares. My passion's still there. My fire still burns.

Part of it is getting into His word!!! And His word getting into me! As Jeremiah (20:9) said and the two guys on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:32), there's a fire burning within our hearts and bones when He talks with us on our roads and opens His scriptures up to us. God is awesome and God is good, but His word just fuels it! It's really that good, that invigorating, that wonderful, that wonder-filled!

Tonight I'm burdened to pray for this guy who's seeking a fire, and if he doesn't find it in Jesus, then he'll go back to the fiery passion for worldly things that's burning him up and destroying both him and his family.

Oh, Lord, help him to know You like I do... and then, help us both grow rapidly and ferociously in knowing you more... and more... and more and more and more and more! Fan the flames within our hearts to burn only for Jesus! Burn everything fleshly and fake, until there's only Him left! Help my friend, dear Lord! See him. Hear him. Touch him. Help him. Let him feel YOU tonight! He needs You! He needs Your awe. He needs Your wonder. He needs to know You're there!

"The joy of the Lord is our strength" (Neh 8:10)! Lord, he's weak. He needs some strength. He needs your DeLight. He needs to be strong. He NEEDS Your joy! Do something that only can be explained by You! In Jesus' name, do something specifically special and specifically needed for him tonight. Help him to wake wonderfully refreshed in the morning. And, with the morning, in the mood to seek a word from You in Your Word. Delight him there with an incredible knowing! Give him a word that fits the day and suits his very exact moment!

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