Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love 'em!

I love people! I love 'em! All of them. Red, yellow, black, and white,... men, women, and children,... old, middle aged, teenaged, or babies. No matter where they are, what they've done, what they've got on, what their faces look big or tall or short or little..... made-up or un-made.... dressed-up or dressed-down.....  I LOVE people! And I especially today loved those I met with this week in the prisons!

I was in the men's prison on Tuesday, and two different women's on Monday and today. And I cannot even begin to share with you the blessing.

Some I've been meeting with on a weekly basis for a while. But the guys? I'd only just met. We shared, we laughed, we joked, and we got serious. And I can't forget the skins that their hearts beat in. :)

Lord, please bless those guys and those girls. I don't know their sorrows, I don't know their joys, I don't know their obstacles, their hopes or their tears... but You do. You know their need and their feelings. You know their strongholds and temptations. You know their reasons and their whys. You know during the day or at night why their heart cries. Help them to turn their faces to You. And may they feel the saving grace of Christ Jesus. May they set their hearts like flint, Lord, and fix their faces on Yours. Give them a determination that won't be moved. And, one at a time, may they all make a difference touching the multitudes.

Build Your kingdom, Lord!.... using "the foolish things of this world"! I love how You chose to do that! I love that You died and was raised for us all. May they know of the love that You bled for them. Thank You, Lord, for those I love. And even more, thank YOU for loving them more and first!

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