Friday, April 2, 2010

Today I am sad...

Today, I am sad....

I am sad for a multitude of reasons. I'm sad that sin has its pull, then its toil once it's got you. I'm sad at its imprisonment. I'm sad that so many never get freed from it. I'm sad at the world's evil. Its meanness. Its horror. Its hurt. I'm sad at its anger, its rage, its embitterment. I'm sad at its web of entanglement, its deception, its deceit, its lure, its entrapment. And though, because of God all things are hopeful, I'm sad that some things sometimes in some places seem hopeless.

I'm sad because evil preys on the innocent. I'm sad that it robs, it kills, it destroys, it torments its victims. I'm sad that it's never just the victim that's wounded and hurt, but its affect continues and ripples and hurts the family, the friends, the loved ones, the neighbors, the multitudes around them.

I'm sad that evil only thinks of self and gratifying its sinful hunger. I'm sad that it seeks some sort of wretched satisfaction. I'm sad that once evil is performed that the guilt felt afterward often NEVER stops it. I'm sad that our Savior Jesus Christ died and was raised up on the third day in order to save us... but that most will never believe and never find that salvation.

I'm sad that evil prevails! And as silly as it sounds, I'm sad that evil is SO EVIL!

I have been wondering two questions since yesterday:
  1. If going back to an old sin torments so much, then what is its attraction?
  2. If it makes you feel so dirty or saddened or shameful, then what in the world is its appeal to us?
If you've read much of my blogging at all you know that I've been doing voluntary work in prisons for the last five months. Evil is ugly, what evil does is horrible, but God can and is willing and able to ransom and redeem even all and every bit of the most horrid of things that evil has done. Some people accept what God has to offer. Some people let Him into their hearts to work His transforming salvation. Some people realize their hopelessness without Jesus and put their hope into a very loving and patient and faithful God that works hard at wooing and drawing them to Him.

Yet... so many more don't. They're locked in their evil and chose to stay there. They're continually evil with evil thoughts and plans and thinking and scheming and conniving all of the time. That, today, is why my heart hurts. What do you do with those that chose to stay there and rot in the evil that has enslaved and engulfs them?


I suppose, pray.

Stay on your knees burdened for them. I always tell people that pain has its purpose. And if pain is able only to do nothing but pray... then that is the purpose of your pain! To pray for the hurting. To pray for the victim. And to pray for the wretched evil one engulfed and drowning in their sin's chosen lifestyle.

Dare we ever forget that our battle is "not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Eph 6:12)! It's a greater power and ruler and force that has the evil man enslaved to its bidding. May we never become so blind and so hardened and so embittered that we won't pray for the evil man that's captured. As long as he's living there is hope for our Savior to do what is impossible with him and to break the chains that holds him held captive and in bondage. For if it were us, would we not need for someone to frevently pray!!! Heaven forbid that we get so calloused that we don't!

Sorry.... I apologize for the ranting today.... I think I needed to remind myself. I am sad (evidently sad for a purpose!)... but I know where there's hope!... and therefore know, what I am called to do for those that look to be hopeless.

Today I am glad... that my Savior loved me enough to die on a cross and that He wasn't too appalled and sad at what I've done to think me worthy of saving! If not for grace, who knows what I would have done and who I would be?

Today I am thankful that God is a continual saving grace in my life! Saving me from myself. Saving me from embitterment. Saving me constantly from pits that are easy to find myself in... whether falling in, or being pushed in, or jumping into stupidly!

Ah, if He can save me, who can He not save? If He wants to save me, who would He not want to?

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