Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am totally speechless!



But (obviously) not quite. ;-)

My last week and weekend (and the week and weekend before) was one wonder placed right behind another. I was so full and I felt that the Glory of the Lord so overwhelmingly surrounded me that I don't know how I stood at all... or managed even to breathe. He woe-ed me from every side. A continual and consistent woe-ing. A whisper, a word, a wow was everywhere I looked. In the teeniest of things and the big ones too. Wow, how can I explain all that went on in my weeks?

I suppose I cried more than I've cried in years (and I'm a cryer, so that says a lot). Because everything TOUCHED! Everything tendered. Everything caused my heart and feelings to tremble. It was too much. I wanted to capture it. Especially with words. I wanted to hold on to it and be able to share. Yet I learned a long time ago that some things are so intimidate with God that it is only for you and Him alone. Simply said, some things are simply not sharable.

Tonight reflecting back on it all my heart still soars with its smile. I love You, Lord Jesus. You Alone can thrill me with this kind of thrilling. I cannot thank You ever enough for the whoa-ing wonder of Your goodness and love!

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