Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What does freedom look like after 3 weeks (that's when her parole was actually granted, it took that many weeks to actually get out of the gates)? Hmmm... that's one thing. But.......

I've wondered all day today............... what does freedom look like after 15 YEARS of being incarcerated!!???

Fifteen years! Locked behind the bars of a prison. Paying a crime once long ago committed. And then today, after being held chained for so long, the clothes were changed from all white to color... and the gates were opened and she got to walk through them. Wow! What does that feel like after all this time?

Seriously, how does that feel today to be her?

This is a first for me. She's the first of my girls to get paroled and I am ecstatic! I grinned all day. I couldn't be happier. It's better than one of your kids taking her first step. Cause this step is bigger. And maybe that's because it was in such anguish and was a long time in coming?

Some things are just too hard to write about. No matter the want-to the words won't come. I suppose some things are too big to capsule into something verbal. I hate that. Because, though I am thrilled over it's bigness.... I like capturing in words my feelings!

Freedom. I looked up it's meaning. My favorite was simply defined as, "Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned."

Another said, "Liberty from slavery or liberty from oppression."

However you word it, it still isn't big enough. I'm totally thrilled, yet totally frustrated. Basically, YAY for her! And I wanna say... but don't know how to.

Yay! For Christ who died to set us free! And yay, today, for a girl that was able to walk out of a physical prison that she's been imprisoned in and finally released from!

For some reason the story reminds me of the girl in Luke 8 that was bleeding for 12 years until she touched the cloak of Jesus. Jesus actually healed this girl's 'bleeding' years ago... but today she has entered a whole new audience to tell about it!

May God do mighty things through her! May He work everything she's done and that she's been through out for His good. May she glorify Him in her new walk. May she be a huge witness of the goodness, the faithful, the mercy and grace of our Lord. And may she be a display of His splendor!

(Click here to see a glimpse of the day I found out her parole was actually granted. I cried like an idiot from the joy when I heard.)

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