Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too tired tonight to be anxious!

Class starts in 40 minutes. It takes all of 5 to get there. I should be in my normal panic-mode, doing the finishing touches on a lesson... or at least reviewing again the subject that I plan to be teaching on. Thankfully, God has been teaching me the lesson all week. One lesson right after another. Surprisingly, though, in Stick-Figures!!!'

Go figure! Every time He would remind me of another point, I'd see the stick-figured example in my mind that went with it. I wasn't planning on this. I wasn't thinking of it. I wasn't trying to. It just came with the example. Funny! I got tickled every next time when it did!

I'm really, really tired! I'm exhausted! Really, really! I've been running on fumes from one this thing to the next that my run is catching up on me and I'm losing my breath. The thing of it is, I don't see things slowing down real soon in my future. Thus, I am praying for a renewed refreshing despite the normal way to be revived. Rest... would help. but, like I said, I'm not afforded the extra time for the moment. It will come in its right seaon. Right? Surely sometime around the corner soon????

Back to my subject line. What am I thinking?? Why am I sitting here typing?? Blogging at this very critical hour??? Makes no sense to me and my norm... but nonetheless, it sure feels good doing it. Knowing that I'm teaching in a minute and not worried is a new feeling!

Okay. I can see myself rambling now. I'm off to load the car and pray on my way for God to do what I never can! To teach dynamically so that each of us can hear a word from Him regardless of this vessel that He choses tonight to send His message in.

Hmmm??? I wonder if when I get home I'll read this blog horrified and delete it? :)

Like I said, I'm too tired tonight to be anxious! Thank You, LORD!

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  1. And now... Thank YOU, dear LORD, for teaching through this vessel of mine! Who would have thought You could do such a thing? You are a constant wonder to my world! I could never have Life without You!