Saturday, April 10, 2010

Christmas in April is waaaay too early!

We're headed to Ohio as I type. My oldest daughter's driving. My youngest is in the backseat doing a crossword puzzle. The music's loud and voices are blaring. We've been stuck in traffic in Nashville.... for longer than we would have thought, longer than we wanted to be. But shoo, we're finally moving now at a nice speed. Only a little over the speed limit  ((*smile*)). As the GPS reads at this very moment, it'll be half past midnight before we arrive. Let's hope we don't have trouble finding the hotel once we get there. (Please Lord!)

We're going to a surprise Christmas party tomorrow for a very sick little girl named Faith. Can you even fathom? She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer two months ago on February 19, 2010. He​r oncologist predicted her only having 6 months to live at best. What do you do with a prediction like that? Pray like crazy asking God for a miracle to heal her. That's what we're doing and what we're hoping for.

What do you get a six year old for Christmas in April that's too sick now to have any interest in toys? Clothes are no longer her 'best friend' either since the treatments given her have caused her to gain weight....  she hates that! She no longer likes to look in the mirror. How mean. How sad. How unfair! Six year olds ought not have to be so serious or have such worries or care what she looks like.  She mostly only wants to spend time with her mom. She's had so many visitors, so much family, friends and friends to family that I am sure she has no idea who is. Though who can blame those that care and want to visit, I think a lot of time she'd just like the whole world to go away. Life now is too precious now to waste.

We've not met Faith before. Wildly we found out about her via another blogger who I don't think personally knew her either. From there I blogged about her, then my daughter started a Facebook fan prayer page for her. From there Faith's mom got in touch with Prissy. And that's how this whole wild long-distance  'relationship' started. Tomorrow, like I said, we'll actually finally get to meet her. Her mom emailed Prissy to invite her. It's a Christmas Party... I hope she feels good enough to celebrate it and enjoy all the love and gifts that she'll get.

Last night we went to see the movie Letters to God. A movie based on a true story about a little boy suffering with cancer. Needless to say, we cried like idiots the whole way through it. I mean, bad cried. We looked a mess by the time it came to an end. It wasn't just sad, it was also very much of a God-thing. So many things so personal to where we are, especially Prissy. There was no way you could miss God speaking to her in it. After we left she asked me countless times last night, "What was that??? Mom, tell me what that was!!! I can't put it into words. How can I tell anybody what just happened, what that was?" Because.... it was so obviously God! Too big to define and capture with mere words. I love it when God does that... but always hate that it's too big to tell!

It's so obvious that God is what connected us to Faith. Who knows all the reasons and whys why right now. But we're traveling because of it with a whole new wonder of her and of Him. Please pray for this precious little girl whose mom isn't ready to let go of her. Who can blame her? I cannot imagine. But I know it'd be hard for me too.  

Click here to find a glimpse of her story. And if you get a chance to, go see this movie. It'll be worth the time you invest.

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