Thursday, April 29, 2010

He's ten feet tall!

My husband came in tonight thanking me again for sticking with him through all of our yuk times over the years. I automatically thanked him back when he did for sticking by and with me, too, in the times that I wasn't much fun to be stuck to. I cannot imagine life without him. I cannot imagine who'd put up with me like he has. I cannot imagine being un-stuck and the feeling that that unstuckness has to bring.

My man's not perfect. But he's every bit of ten-feet tall in my eyes!... when really he's only 6'5". He's a goodlooking guy. A kind one. Very social. Tenderhearted. A people-person. With a heart for the lonely, the hurting, the broken,.. and a very great love for our Lord.

Life on our street in our particular home isn't always all rosy and perfect. Basically, because neither one of us are. We can be mean or ugly or snappy or tired and act in ways we wish we hadn't. But we've learned to grace when we need to, give mercy when called for, and to love no matter the mood of the moment or the actions that the mode of that moment has us acting.

I love that about him! That I don't have to walk on tippy-toes. Or egg-shells. Or live in constant fear that my man will walk out any minute when so many live that way. He's solid. Not wishy-washy. A man. A warrior. A hero in human form.... though never taking the place of my Savior. I believe in him. And that's a good feeling!

I was talking to a friend several months ago. We were talking about her daughter and the "Happily-Ever-After" fairytale wonder of marriage told in the fairy tale books. And then I told her that I think we have more of the "Happily-Ever-After" than we first think we do.

God's love is perfect. But our love is not. It's growing and learning and we're getting better at it. Some days we still do better than others. Other days we fail miserably, but make-up for it after. I think part of that "Happily-Ever-After" is the 'ever and ever' that doesn't give up! And thus far, we've made it. And that feels good.

This is what Love is.....

It is patient and kind...and how could it be unless opportunity called for it to be?

It is not rude or self seeking....

It isn't easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs....

It doesn't delight in evil but rejoices in truth....

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres....

Nope. We've not perfected any of that. But we've persisted. We haven't given up. Not even when we wanted to. We don't hold the past against each other after all the things either one of us has done. We're not as quick to get angry and stay there as we once were. We are kinder, more patient, less rude, less self-seeking. We've not arrived yet........... but me and my man are headed every day in that direction! I'd call that a "Happily-Ever-After." After 24 1/2 years, we've already defied the odds. And by the grace of God, we'll continue this stuckness together and bask in the wonder of how Love grows and what Love does! And I'll say this, I have great hope because of it! Like I said, not because our love's perfect... but because our love goes on and on after it's not been.

Thank you, Tim Lee, for not giving up on me! And loving me so in all my unlovely! I love you so much! I'm so glad we married and that we're walking in the happily-ever of our after... two-gether united as one! I wouldn't have wanted to do this life with anybody else but you! You've proven to be a man of great character. One that I am tremendously proud to call mine! I love to introduce you as my husband. I know I am far from perfect and have so many areas to work and improve on, but I do thank you for never giving up on me and trading me in for another like so many others do. Your weirdnesses are growing on me (((*smile*))), and I thank you for loving me still despite all of my own. I thank you for giving me three children, the three delights of my life! We are truly blessed beyond measure and haven't a reason for complaint. I love our life! I love my Lord! And I love that He knew to give me you to let me do this earthly life with! Because I know and believe in God, I still believe in you too!

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