Saturday, April 17, 2010

Now what was I saying?

To tell a story of any kind at our house we never take the straightest path. We detour, we wander, we take the scenic route. We snack on other tidbits of information and sometimes inhale a whole meal with a variety of desserts before rerouting ourselves back on track to the original thing we were sharing.

We start here... meaning to go here when done:.......
But then.....

But then, we chase the shiny, the next thought, the next wonder......  it takes us eons to finish what we've started. And, thankfully, sometimes we do actually get to our original destiny. Sadly though, a lot of times, we never remember that long. Our minds are so scattered and we're so far from where we began that we've forgotten where we were once headed. Usually though before the day is done something will prompt that memory back into place and we'll start beginning to tell it again.... hoping we'll actually finish this time!

Though sometimes before we're done it rather looks like this:

Ah... the entertainment in a house full of blondes and brunettes! And don't you dare fool yourself, the scenic route takes talent to follow... but there's color in it, loads of feeling, laughter, crying, all sorts of exclaiming!

Can I say that I am blessed by the world that I live in!

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