Thursday, April 29, 2010

This one was my very favorite!

This one is my very, very, very most favorite!!!!!!

I teach a Ladies' Bible Class on Wednesday nights. It scares me half to death each night that I do. My "downfall" (if you will) is a tremendous love for God's Word, for His Scriptures. It thrills me so much that I have to do something with it! So each time the call comes, when I've been invited to, I must (I have to) say "Yes" to the inviter. Thus, my not-so-long-ago invitation (back in October) has me teaching again on our Wednesday nights.

I must admit that I have a weird way of seeing things. I don't know how to stress that, but I don't think that I see most things in the normal. Thus, I have a weird way of teaching in order to show what I've learned to another. It used to bother me. Tremendously! It doesn't anymore. Now, I find that I love its weirdness and how He shows me. It may be elementary or silly at times or wildy crazy, but it works for me... and then, works for the girls, and so often the lessons once taught are said in such a way that it's hard not to stick. The verse that God gave me to grant me such liberty is found in John 12:49. Since I ran across what is written there I've never been (nor felt) the same. Since then (and it's been a long time) I've often thanked Him for my weirdness.

The verse is Jesus Himself talking. He says to the Jews there, "I did not speak of My own accord, but the Father who sent Me commanded Me what to say and how to say it."

The Message words it this way, "I'm not making any of this up on My own. The Father who sent Me gave me orders, told Me what to say and how to say it."

It's the "how" in the verse that's given me the freedom to teach to others how I've been taught... and know that I'm suppose to! I see it weirdly for a reason! And I absolutely now totally LOVE the weirdness in my seeing!

I was sleeping earlier, but found my excitement of the night wouldn't let me sleep long. I laid in bed a long time before finally getting up. I kept thinking about our last night's lesson and how much fun we had in our class while learning it. I kept thinking: This one, this lesson, last night's, has to be my very, very, very most favorite! It was really, really, really good! And I couldn't thank God enough for the lesson He gave. I kept grinning at His awesomeness and creative way! I'm grinning still as I'm typing just remembering the lesson. I can't get over the wonder of Him! How God made last night's lesson fit like it did,... Oh my goodness, only God could have done!!! WHO would have thought it but Him!

And then I remembered.

I said that last week, too, about last week's lesson. Because I really, really, really liked what we learned then too and all the He showed us!

And then....

I thought of the lesson before that.... and the one before the one before that one... and so on and so on and so on. And I decided, they're all my favorite! I love His profoundness! I love what He says! And I love how He shows us to impact it in!

I will admit that some times I don't always get it across as well as my Rabboni has taught me. But it's always GOoD! And I love it especially when it does! And tonight I couldn't resist, I had-to get up to thank Him! Laying in bed basking in it (and Him) alone just didn't seem sufficient enough. I needed to do more. I needed to praise Him out loud! I needed to renown the wonder of my Lord and the Word that He sends!

My only wish tonight is: is that I had enough time to write it. To write what He's taught me. To draw with words what He's shown me. Now, before I forget! Because too often with time it loses its hmmpf and it's hard to regenerate that and tell it in the excitement with which it was given if not caught and captured in that very moment. My life has been so busy of late that I've not had time to pen any of it. Oh, but I want to! Oh Lord, how I want to!

But even if I can't. Lord God, know tonight that my heart soars! Know that I'm awed by Your Presence! Know that I'm whoa-ed by Your in-our-face business. I'm woe-ed by the way in which You step on toes to convince and convict, but still leave us with dignity. And tonight, especially tonight, I'm overflowing in the wowness of all that You've taught me! This Genesis journey that we've been traveling on is one of my very most favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like all the other "very most favorites" that have gone before it! You truly are the Rock of my world that continually rocks it with wonder! You're the Thriller of my soul, sweet Jesus! And tonight You have my heart pounding in sleeplessness.... in a prolonged basking of the greatness of our God and the words that You send us! Thank You from the depths of my heart....... and then some! I love You to pieces! May I live for Your Glory and live honoring You, my God Who deserves it and who is so graciously over gracious to me! I LOVE YOU beyond measure!!! Thank You for all that You do, all that You are,... and all that You've yet to! :)  

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