Friday, December 30, 2011

Trusting still.. when we can't make things make sense.



It's impossible to please God without it (Heb 11:6).

Faith is still trusting God even when we don't understand Him.
Faith is more consumed in our wonder of Him, more than our wonder of whatever is bugging us.

Sometimes I think we think that we might be a better God. Because on some things (like healing those that I love, etc), I'd do things differently if I were God and God wasn't Him.

So... am I thinking that I know better than He does? Do I think I love  more? That I'm more compassionate? That my heart is more tendered than His is?

We'll never understand everything. This world isn't Heaven, it'll never be perfect here. Tears will still fall. People will still hurt. People will still die. We'll never be able to prevent it.

John the Baptist didn't understand it himself. He'd been telling people ("calling out in the desert") that Jesus had come to set the captives free.... and then he was thrown into prison. Surprisingly to John, Jesus didn't come to save him, to free him, to release him, to break his shackles, to open his gate. So he send some of his followers to Jesus asking Jesus if He really was the One he'd been telling people that He was? Or, he wondered, should I be looking for somebody else?

Hmmm.... we're quick to want to find another 'savior' when ours fails to save us, aren't we? When we don't understand His not saving? When He doesn't save us in the way we want. When we feel He's failed His job and His reason. When we feel He's not doing what He ought to. What we think makes sense to. But even more, when we think it doesn't make sense at all for Him not to!

Jesus said in response to John the Baptist's wonder, "Blessed are those who aren't offended by Me."

I guess we'll all be tempted to be offended.

Will we let it offend? Or simply still believe... still trust... still know that He knows even when we don't? And know that He'll always care (regardless!) way more than we ever, ever, ever could!

The question remains: Can we trust Him? Will we trust Him? Do we trust Him? No matter. Always. Even if ___. Even when ___. He created us. He made us. He provides for us. He sent His Son to die to save us. He loves us. He knows us. He pursues us. Over and over again He forgives us. He accepts us, chose us, defends us, fights for us, shields us, delivers us, restores, renews, and redeems us, He heals us, He helps us, He _________ us............... He's well worthy of our trust.

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