Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seasoned... just right!


Seasons and their cycles.... I was thinking: one season brings death, in order for another to bring life to another (there's been a LOT of dying in my life this year!). 

Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring........ It's a cycle put into orbit by our very Creator for a very created purpose! SUMMER's heat often brings about the needed FALL of what must fall to the ground, WINTER's cold brings death to that fallen thing.... then the rains come... and with it comes the SPRINGing to life of something more beautiful than our minds could even fathom. We fight our deaths in our not wanting to die over something that needs to...... not realizing that there's Life that's held inside that very thing that needs to die and that we can't get to it without it's dying. Even our Savior first died to save, so that He could bring Life through His death.

I've decided that I truly want to be seasoned as I need to be. Seasoned just right... Seasoned to perfection.... Seasoned til finished..... to be used powerfully by my Lord... in whatever way He sees fit to! 

Lord, season me..... to make me beautifully fruit-full!

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