Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I saw God today

In a world that pretty much always doubts. A world where it seems everything fails and nothing works out. In a world that mostly refuses to hope, because hope "never happens," so it's too painful to. In a world where you feel worthless and nobody much really ever cares for you. God happened! And it was priceless seeing Him and watching Him work.

My goodness at the forces that were working against us. But I saw God today! He came! And we visited Him in prison. And the even sweeter part of that is, is that HE visited us!

It was a somber day. A down-casted one (and I'm talking their faces, not the outside weather). It was sad. Serious. Tender. Painful. Wretching. Raw. Real. The mood was as serious as a heart-attack. Hearts were being laid open. Bleeding. Pounding. Convulsing. Not a dry eye in the room. A room bulging with feeling.

That's when she stood. She's old. Black. Grey. Been there for too many years for her fingers to count the years on. She stood. Opened her mouth. And sang (in the sweetest old black woman's voice): "Oh Lord prepare me... To be a sanctuary... Pure and holy... Tried and true... And with thanksgiving... I'll be a living... Sanctuary... For you....."

Woe... just sit back and ponder those words (each word!) for a second! Prepare me, Lord! Doing whatever it takes to! To be pure and holy. Try me til true!!! And no matter the pain, no matter the fire, no matter the process, I'll thank You until Your success. Make ME a SANCTUARY, Lord, that houses only YOU! (Woo... and sang from the lips and the heart of an old quivering black woman's voice housed inside a Maximum Security Prison. Try that on for size and try to contain yourself while not only hearing it, but feeling it while watching its feeling!)

I saw Jesus in her. And I saw her in Him. And hearts were healed today because of the powerful way and in the humbleness in which our God showed Himself! And in His reminder that in everything He does and is doing, He's still very much at His work!

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