Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new heart.....

I was watching a rerun from an old TV series that I had never heard of before (I don't watch a lot of TV, I'm illiterate when it comes to what's what... what's good, what's not.... And I always miss the popular stuff).

Anyway, on this particular show, in this particular episode, this little foster child was sick and needed a heart transplant. The thing of it is, the parents that were fostering her decided to back out.... it cost too much of everything to keep taking care of this child.

The attorney in the show decides to adopt her himself. She'll die without anyone adopting her. They won't give her a heart if she has no willing parents and none to take care of her.

The little girl asks the attorney why he would adopt her? He says to her, "Because you need a heart..................." And then, he stops. He doesn't say so in these words, but what his words didn't say, but meant, was this: "Because you need a heart................. and I need one too!"

He'd been a bit of a cold-hearted kind of a guy. Hard-hearted. Tough. Very stand-offish. His heart had been hurt. His heart had been broken and stomped on. In his attempt to protect it, he'd hardened it, closed it off, shielded it completely from others. But his heart was being tendered toward hers. And in him taking her in and helping her find a heart.... he would find his. They would both benefit and end up having new heart transplants.

Sadly... she didn't get the heart. She died on the operating table before they could ever get her new heart in. The attorney cried.... She didn't get her heart, but in the process of his helping, he got his...............

You have to give your heart away (even if it gets hurt in the process) to have one. It takes our hearts meshing with another's to heal it, to make it whole, to make it well.... to make life worth living.

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