Friday, December 9, 2011

"Did God really say?"... Yes, indeed, it looks like He did!

Interesting! Oh my, and superbly so!

I don't know what prompted my thought to even go there. It went to a thing that I have been believing God to do for years! I mean, it's been a very long time! And with each day that passes, the possibility looks even more improbable and impossible. It was something that I was once so sure about! Something that I knew that I knew! Something that I felt told to me precisely from God Himself in His Word over and over and over and over and over again! And it seemed that every time that He'd tell me, I wasn't even looking for it. I wasn't even asking. And a zillion times throughout all those years, He'd do something to confirm it at every turn!

But for some odd reason, the reminder of it popped into my brain as I was painting this face of mine this morning. And that's when I said to Him, "I don't know anymore, Lord. I just don't know. I'm just not as sure about it as I used to be." And I quit talking. But my mind still wondered....... I remember thinking, "It's okay, God, if it's not as I thought it was."

And within seconds.... (and I mean, just a couple of them!)... without me having a clue that God was planning on addressing my wonder! Having no inkling of an idea of all that God was fixing to answer it! He said to me (in the voice of the one teaching a lesson that I had just plugged in to listen to, not having any idea what would be on it for me to hear). Here's what I heard (mind you, the subject I had been listening to was about when storms overtake our lives. I'm currently living in a storm, I sure could relate to the subject! That's what I thought He'd be addressing, NOT the thing that I just said and nonchalantly put before Him.)

Okay.... now don't forget what I'd just said to God.... and immediately the teacher points our what God has said in Acts 27:25, "So keep your courageous, dear brothers, for I have faith in God that it will happen to me just as he told me." Wooo! Powerful enough! But then she says, "Now I'm about to say something that to some that is new, this is going to lose you for just a second. But let me talk to the others that have been around for a long time for a minute. Some of us have gotten a clear word from that God that we have given up on. It may have been five years ago. It may have been ten years ago. What did He say to you? I've come to ask you today, what did God tell you? Did you know at the.... I mean, did you know that you knew? Did you get a confirmation? My guess is that for many of you in this room that got a clear word from God, that every time you turned around God used something else to confirm it. Am I speaking to anybody here? Then, I'm going to ask you a question, do you still believe Him for that word? Or have you given up on it? Because He's said, you take Me at My word and you believe that what I have said to you will come to pass! Luke 1:45 (MY SCRIPTURE!!! One of the ones that He gave me eons again about this very matter!), "Blessed is SHE [Not he! I love that it is she!]... Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished"!!! Someone has come this very night just to hear from God, that He is still going to do what He told you He was going to do. Do not give up! It is a matter of timing........................"

Well................. do I feel spoken to or what? Do I feel I just heard a fresh word from God about an old one or what? I'm not sure, Lord???? Well, evidently, the Lord is sure! And He is wanting to make a very loud and vivid point to remind me of it!

"Did the Lord really say?" (Big smile!) Yes! I can truly say that He's said! He still speaks. And after He's said, He's really, really, really good at often saying again after He's said it!

Thank You, Lord, today for re-saying to me! I believe!!! How could I not continue to after the so many times that You've said it? I love how You're Faithful even in my sometimes weeble-woobling-unfaithfulness. Oh, how I love Your Word..... and Your Word that keeps on saying! Your Word that accomplishes what You sent it forth to do. I so love that You speak! And I love, that despite our doubt, You keep right on speaking it!


  1. You sound like a preacher....a really good one. Great post!

  2. HaHa. Funny. I guess I can get a bit carried away with any subject. But oh, how I especially LOVE the Word and all that God's said. But I love it even doubly especially when He's focused His saying and saying it so specifically and loudly that He makes it incredibly hard to miss! Thanks.... I think. ;)

  3. And... to add to my earlier post. Just in case I question what God's said and the volume in which He's meant to say it. Let me share the two emailed verses in two different emails that I received in my email today as my "verse for the day".

    The first: "Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished" (Luke 1:45). Woe! When He says and then He keeps on saying...... wow, I'd say it's a good time to LISTEN to Him!

    The second: "God can do anything!" (Luke 1:37 ERV). !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do believe He might be adding to that statement, And who are you to dare to question that!

    Random? Ironic? Indeed, I think not! I think God's got a point to make.... and that He's truly just made it!