Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's more... My God likes to say and so sometimes keeps on saying!

Woe, at the blessing of God's Word! I love how He talks. I love hearing Him say something, without knowing He's fixing to say! (If you'll look back (click here), I just talked upon this subject yesterday.... but evidently God had more saying...)

And so He continues to say to me this morning...  when I wasn't even looking.

Okay. I was looking. But that's not what I was looking for. I was studying about one thing... but then, my Savior pointed and showed me another! :) How's that for The Word Who came in flesh... and still comes in whatever form He decides to send His Word in!

My assignment was to read Matthew 14:22-33. I was studying about "peace." It just "happened" to be where I was in my homework. (Don't you just love how God does this?)


Though I was thrilled with what I was reading because of a gaboodle of other things in my thinking.... God then chooses to reel it on in and speak to my immediate moment of where I am and where I've been... and to get on to me (as in reprimand!) a bit in the process.


The passage mentioned above talks about Peter walking on the water. I'm sure the homework's purpose (which I've been sidetracked and so as of yet have not yet gotten to) was to talk about Jesus "peacing".. or Him stilling the storm.

I was enthralled (again!) by the scriptures that specify that it was when Peter "saw the wind" against him that he began to sink....

Woe! The lesson there is: watch where you're looking! Never take your eyes off your Savior's!

Jesus then asked him, "You of little faith," Peter, "why did you doubt" me? Hmm... indeed! When knowing all that we do of our Savior, why do we doubt Him?

We've been weathering a storm with some brutal beatings from the winds for some time now, so the message fit perfectly with our season. "Oh ye of little faith, why do you doubt?" And too, as God would so perfectly have it, it fits with my yesterday's word... reminding me not to doubt Him! Reminding me that He's able to do what He's said! Reminding me to believe the thing that He's told me! I won't say that He's being a smart-aleck, because that might be too irreverent.... but it seems it comes close. I know that He's making a point to address my doubting the promising word that He gave to me, when surely I have no reason to doubt Him and should always continue (no matter how long it takes) to believe the things that He tells me!

Now, if He continues to bring all of this up for a 3rd day in a row tomorrow, you'll know (I'LL KNOW!!!) that He is incredibly serious and not in the least bit playing!

I do believe You, Lord! And I am thrilled beyond measure that sometimes You spend Your time overly exaggerating and encouraging me to!!!

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