Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The answer's in the "DO"!

It's a huge scripture. One that comes to mind a lot. One that I've taught on often. One that is profound and makes perfect sense. One whose equation equals perfection... fulfillment.. satiation... satisfaction.

So why today did I grow so much bigger? More profound? More wow?

Why was I so much more woe-ed in it's wonder?

I don't know. But it did. And I am. I am totally blown away by it's simplicity and it's solution!

It's said in two different places. It starts the verse in both Psalm 34:14 and Psalm 37:27 and says:

 "Turn from evil and do good."

Turn.... depart from.... remove.... put away..... put aside.... leave undone.... retract..... reject.... avoid...... get away.... withdraw..... escape!

It's not hard to grasp. When you see evil, hear evil, taste evil, sense evil, feel evil, do evil, are tempted by evil, know evil is near... STOP! Turn from the way that you're heading. Get out of the way. Run. Think fast. Be quick on your feet. And escape from that trap.

But wait!

Turning from it or avoiding it or leaving it undone isn't enough.

We often "turn" from the evil that lurks... but we fail to complete the rest of the work. We forget the second part's solution. We forget the "and do good." And we're often found falling because of our failure "to do" the "do" and the "good" that we're told to!

Turn from evil and DO g-o-o-d. DO something for someone else. Say a kind word. Take some soup to a sick neighbor. Share your sandwich with one that doesn't have one..........

It doesn't matter what the "good" that you do is... just DO something rather than leaving the second half of the verse undone! I promise you'll feel better. Your turning from evil will bring some feel good, but the DOing good will fill your feeling even fuller!

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