Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love what he was.... his "was" still lingers

My daddy left this world to live in the next one seven months (202 days) ago. Still, I miss him every day. I miss seeing the body that he used to live in. The empty place now laid down... that God once dwelt! (It's weird to imagine it.)

Wow... what a temple that was! I miss his in-dwelling there (my daddy's)! And I miss Him (God), dwelling inside my dad's skin, as well. You could say that God looked good on him. Or, that my daddy wore God well! He often reflected His face! He shared His same compassion. He was a loving man, a merciful man, a man full of God's grace and was quick to disperse such to the one  of the moment in front of him that needed it. He was a giving man. Generous beyond measure! And so wise.... his face focused and bent looking intently in and searching the Scriptures all those hours and years dearly paid off! I've heard older men call him Solomon because of his wisdom. He was strong. Solid. Steady. Steadfast. And totally loved His Savior!

He wasn't perfect. In his earlier years, he was quick to anger. But he was very forgiving once you asked. He didn't hold grudges or sin against you. He believed what's done is done, what's past is past, and now it's time to move on from that and go forward. There was no excuse for sin, or tolerance for it, but like I said, he was super forgiving... and super QUICK to forgive it!

Jars of clay..... what fragile material to carry such precious cargo in!

I miss seeing my Father's face in my earthly father's.............. but I'm a better me both because of the example he was... and the Face that he showed me!

[FYI: The picture posted to the right pictures my oldest daughter and her daddy (my sweet husband of 26 years). I have to say that I am proud of him (and of course, her!)... he also reflects her Father's face well! We see Jesus in him every single day. How blessed I am and my children are! Lord, who would have thought it? Thank You for so much! Thank You today, Lord, for living in skins... that we can see, and hug, and hear, and hold, and touch!!!]

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