Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's all in a lQQk!

Life is so confusing, Lord. So complicated at times. So crazy. A lot of dance. A lot of sidesteps. A lot of one step forward and two steps back. A lot of twirl, stayed still in the same spot. A lot of progression. And lot of backward. A lot of fast forward. Pause. Rewind. Replay. Sometimes slo mo. A lot of emotion. A lot of feeling. Sometimes all those feelings felt in the very same day. Sometimes, perhaps, all those same feelings felt all at the very same time.

Anything can prompt it. Anything can push you forward or knock you back. Anything can send you time traveling. Anything can spin you to spiraling. Anything can hit... hard... and unexpected... and knock you out of place. It doesn't take more than a mere second for something to knock you down. Or even another thing, to quickly (in a lickety split minute) to pick you back up. A mood can swing to polar opposites faster than liquid can spill from a cup.... and even without being forewarned that the mood's about to be changed to radically DIFFERENT!

Like gears on a stick shift, glad can be popped into sad... or mad if you gear it just right. And then the next several (who knows how many actually?) miles will be driven by the gear that it's been shifted into. So. Sometimes we get really tired of the Yo-Yo.... and we decide to quit letting the mood steer and drive us. We do just as Jesus has said, we accept the His Word that's been implanted in us that can save us!! We "take every thought captive" and make it obedient to what He's commanded. We renew the mind. And we remind ourselves that the fruit of the Spirit includes self-control... and that we have our God's same Spirit, that Spirit lives inside us, and with His "in" He enables and empowers us! We don't have to be swayed by every blow of the wind. We don't have to be tossed back and forth by the gusts that attempt to cause such turmoil. We let Jesus peace our storm... even while it still rages. And we have the joy of the Lord living inside us, strengthening us despite our flesh nature's weakness.

Goodness! Looking at the icon-ed faces that I pictured above to depict a visual of our faces in our moods. the one thing I noticed about each one... is where the eyes lQQk! Woo... it's a great reminder to keep our faces focused and fixed only on our Savior's (Don't let any other thing TURN YOUR HEAD!), and in our doing so, it'll totally change our lQQks (meaning what our faces lQQk like because of where our faces are lQQking)!!!! :)

What are we thinking by letting every lQQk of the moment control our mood? No wonder we're so tired by the end of the day. No wonder we're so exhausted and worn out. No wonder we're so short tempered. The constant swinging of our heads have mingled our minds to mush!

No more! Let's FIX our lQQks!

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