Sunday, January 24, 2010


When I met with my Wednesday (prison) girls this past week I told them that I had decided in the middle of the night while lying in bed that we needed a name for our group. I needed to call them more than just "My Wednesday Girls." But I didn't know what? What could our group be called? 

The name came to me in less than a minute. It hit me with a convicted knowing! Yep, this is what I'll call them. For this is who they are.

My Wednesday girls are now called PWHDs ~ Princess Warriors in Human Disguise! :)

I couldn't wait to ask them what they thought when we met. As soon as I did, their grins were spread on their faces from here to there. They LOVED it! They loved it as much as I did. They LOVED their new name!

Princess ~ because we're daughters of The King!

Warriors ~ because we're in a major spiritual battle while left here on this earth.

in Human Disguise ~ because these bodies are NOT who we really are. I told them, these bodies, this earthly flesh, these jars of clay, these skin-bags that we're encased in often get in the way and get us in LOTS of trouble! All of them nodded. All of them agreed. I didn't have to elaborate. You could tell that they got it.

May we all remember who were are while here, aliens on a pilgrimage trekking a very evil land. We must not forget that it's a land on which we don't belong. It's not always easy, it's hard, but the fight's always worth it. The victories been won. In this world we will have trouble. But, our Savior has overcome!

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