Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lord, I love Your Word!

Lord, I love Your Word! I LOVE Your Word! It makes me wanna go. It makes me wanna say. It makes me want to do. It makes me wanna let go of somethings. It makes me wanna transform. It makes me wanna change. It makes me want to get over myself. It makes me wanna help someone else. Lord, I love Your word!

It thrills like no other! It invigorates! It revives. It refreshes. It renews. It refuels. It brings us to a heeling in order to give us a healing! It makes us won't our unholy wants and wholly want holy ones!

A favorite verse of mine that I have spoken to God so often is, "If Your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction" (Ps 119:92).

Amen, Lord, all over again! Thank you for being the DeLight of my soul and for Your Word, Your laws, Your commands that delights my soul so! Thank You for rescuing me and saving me from the perishment of my afflictions. I would be lost, sold, horrid, wretched without You!

I love Your Word! Teach me!!!... so that I can walk in Your ways in the freedom of the abundant life that Jesus came to give!

Lord, I love Your Word! Help me to love both You and It more!

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