Friday, January 29, 2010

Do you no what you need to no when you know to no it?

What do ya no???

And do you no what you need to no?

My poor kids! Their mother has a very, very, very, weird way of thinking. Therefore, a very weird way of saying what I mean in hopes to get my point across. In HOPES that they'll remember it! In hopes that they'll do what I said, and don't do what I've told them not to.

Often when my sixteen year old son leaves to go somewhere I'll tell him to remember to take his "No." And to use his "No" when he needs to! I'll remind him to "No" what he needs to "No!"

I've often threatened to tattoo the palms of his hands. One with a "N". The other with an "O!"

For we never know what all that we'll need to "No" when we leave. We're never aware of all of the offers that will be presented to us. We never know the temptations we'll meet. We need to be equipped with our "No"s when we go!

Too many times we don't No what we need to No when we should No better. All of us need to "No" better about some things. What do you No? Are you a good No-er? Do you No what you need to No? Or do you not No what you need to No and your lack of No-ing comes back to bite cha?

Who No-s what they ought to No anymore? And why don't we always No what we know to No?

How do we know what to No if we don't keep our noses in God's Word so we'll know what to No and yes God more?

We're all No-ing something or someone. Who is it (or what is it) that you're No-ing? And are you No-ing the right one (or right thing)?

I'm quick to remind my son, too, that if he doesn't "No" like he's been taught to "No," then I'll be "No-ing" all kinds of things to him when he gets home. :)

"When you need to No something, then by all means: "NO!" it, dear child! And then be glad that you did!"

Believe it or not, he's 'No-ing' better than he used to "No".

Bless my babe's heart! But we sure do have fun!

I guess one of the things that I say to God more than any other thing, I say it to Him all the time is, "Lord, I want to know You!" Because this I know: the more I know Him the less I'll "No" Him.

Ah, LORD! I want to KNOW You so I won't NO You anymore!


  1. Well, now you "no" I am going to use that "Take your 'no' with you." on Miss Wiggles when she is old enough.

  2. I was reminded of my verse for the day when I read your post. Thanks and God bless :P~

    No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. 1Cor.10:13

  3. Katie, I love the descriptive name that you share of your girl. :) Yes, please, may they take (and USE) their No-s!

    I've heard Beth Moore in a lesson talking about the priest in Leviticus being commanded to wear a turban on their heads with the words inscribed on it, "Holy to the Lord." She jokingly said years ago that when she saw that that she wanted to write it across her girls' foreheads! So that when they went on a date, can you imagine the guys that they're dating wanting to kiss them while staring at those words on their heads, "Holy to the Lord!" I loved it and thought it a grand idea! I was tempted to do that to mine. :)

  4. PERFECT Stacey!!! Excellent point! And I'm thrilled that you posted it here.

    You know, I tell my kids, you can walk through that door of escape that God always provides... or walk through the door to your own destruction. You'll always have the choices. But you alone get to decide.

    LOVE that you added a verse where I failed to bother to. That's why we're a body that helps each other. Where one slacks, another picks up. Iron sharpens iron. I thank you for allowing your iron to sharpen mine today!

    May God wow both of you girls today!

  5. You crack me up! I need to put that one on the shelf for when the bug is oler. Right now I just want to ask her "Did you put your attitude in your room and leave it this morning?". She's six going on 16...Lord help me.

  6. Lord help you, indeed, Sara! For how do people raise children without HIM???

    Ah six! All of mine were six once! That's hard to imagine now. They grow up and get big so fast! They still seem six to me. I miss their six year old bodies! So Cute! So Cute! So Cute!