Saturday, January 30, 2010

His door won't open

If you don't know Tommy, you need to. He's one of the greatest and most precious guys I know. He lives in Texas. On a ranch (which he's selling?). In his "About Me" description that he once wrote about himself, he starts, "I am a paralyzed man."

Technically, I suppose, some would say he was. Because of a swimming accident, he can't walk and move like most of us do. But I told him the other day that the only thing paralyzed about him are his limbs. Other than that, there's nothing paralyzed about him! He's inspiring. Encouraging. Uplifting. Has one of the greatest outlooks on life that I know. He LOVES God and sees Him in everything. He has a great love for people. And... he's got a way with words! He doesn't bodily go with me into the prisons, but make no mistake, he still goes! He teaches in the place from the chair where he sits. But, still, I take him in through me when I go. And my girls? They're absolutely smitten. They totally love him! And have been impacted greatly because of his heart and the lessons he's told.

This is Tommy (the first two pics are before the accident, the second two are after):

Here is a copy of an email he wrote to me this morning with a new lesson he shared. His reason for sending the insight he saw was so that I could reword it and use it in a blog. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? He doesn't need me to change a thing. His words alone suffice for the teaching.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tommy
To: Sharon
Sent: Sat, Jan 30, 2010 9:57 am
Subject: (no subject)

What are you up to girl? I wanted to tell you about something I was thinking of writing about, but then I started thinking about you and your gifts of how to write and knowing the Scriptures and I think you can do much better than me. Anyway, what made me start thinking about you and the girls in the prisons was this. I have an automatic door opener that opens the door to my house when I want to go in or out. Last week it broke for the first time since I had my accident. They had to pick it up and take it to a shop. I have been without it now for about five days and am not exactly sure when I'll get it back. I have been having to call my helpers in the meantime when I want to go in or out of the house.

I was kind of feeling sorry for myself, but last night I had some excellent thoughts that crossed my mind. I was thinking about your girls in the prisons. I cannot imagine always not been able to open my door when I want to! Just a few days of this and I am going crazy. It is terrible to not be able to go in and out when you want to.

But then all of this suddenly God gives me a huge picture of you! You are an automatic door opener for these girls and probably many other people! I used to think of you as a flame fanner but not anymore . Now, you are a door opener. I was thinking who else could God possibly have as His automatic door opener to the kingdom than little old you! With your knowledge and your personality and your God-given talent for writing and I'm sure talking and now with the opportunities you have for these people who do not have door openers for you to be just that. God is so great! Your writings have always opened doors for me and now you have a huge opportunity!

Now I know that everyone can be a door opener and that it doesn't take much talent. God can use anyone to open a door if we are just willing to talk about Him and to show people that He is how we survive! So there are all degrees of door openers. But you, my friend, are one of the best I have ever seen or heard or read. I have a feeling you're going to be used to be a huge door opener! I don't know why I am so excited about what God has talked to me about last night. Out of my depression over losing my door opener suddenly He showed me new things.

I think you should write a blog about being a door opener. I cannot wait to see what all words you can put with that and the Scriptures! From now on, to me, you are an automatic door opener!

Anyway, I know I wrote too much, but I was so excited this morning I had to get this off my chest. Have a great weekend and God bless you.

P.S. Tommy emailed again and asked that I would pray that his door would get fixed fast! Please join me in praying and help to open his door for this most precious friend!


  1. I for one am praying about the door, but HELLOOO...did you read that like 12 times or what? I mean considering the decisions you were faced with last week...didn't this just knock the socks off of your feet. Confirmation that you are doing the RIGHT thing is such a blessing sister! I adore you and your comments. Have an awesome day!

  2. Oh wow, Sara!

    First, YES! I DID notice how often he repeated it. And I realized how heavily and whole-heartedly that he was emphasising his point!!!


    Though I felt it sweet his compliment of me, for my looking at him, I failed to see what he was really saying of me. I mean, I did get his point. But it's just the way that you said what you said that emphasised his point even HUGE-ER (if huge-er can be a word).

    Thank you so much for the confirmation that you left yourself... for I know without a doubt that it was God that was sending you.

    Hopefully, I'll get into that later. I began a blog talking about just that (confirmation) that (because of time) I can't finish right now. But you just adding even more to all the confirming.

    What a wonder of friends God has given me here! Thanks for who you are!