Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I close my eyes....

.... there are people inside.

Perhaps I'll elaborate more later? Maybe I won't? It's just that when I went to bed last night after my yesterday (see blog below)..... there were people everywhere behind my lids. It's all I could see.

Needless to say, I cried myself to sleep.


  1. It's hard to be in ministry and not feel like the weight of the world rests on shoulders of the one who ministers to it. I told my husband last night every time I meet with the women I lead in Bible study, I feel like I just spent the last 2 hours in the ER. Then I lay in bed awake feel helpless that I can't fix everything.

    Not sure if that is where this is coming from...but you and I both know He is mighty to save and has it all figured out, we just have to let Him be THE Minister! Hang in there girl. Whatever it is...

  2. Amen. It is. I'm used to teaching (if you can get used to that?), I understand that kind of heaviness.

    It's just that yesterday after seeing all those in prison, their faces haunted me when I left. The sadness. The sorrow. The hopelessness.

    Thank you, Sara, for your IN-couragment.

  3. I had a feeling. You can not be in that kind of ministry and NOT be overcome by the gravity of their lives, what they've done, who they are...who they want to be...and the heart breaker...who they fear they can't. Obviously though, God has equipped you to reach out and show these women a God they could not have seen through their own eyes until you showed Him to them through yours. It doesn't make their current state any easier, and you can't save everyone...but He knows that and we will pray that the peace that passes ALL understanding will not only guard your heart but will give you some relief. That the encouragement of knowing they may be serving life sentences here, but will be free there will overwhelm you. You get to be a part of a's called saving.

    You are loved and cherished...when't the next Siesta event??? Can't wait to hug your neck!