Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is your trip.... where are you going with it?

Road Trip! 

This is your life, your adventure, your trip, your road, your path, your journey.... where are you going with yours?

At every turn, and even in places that appears at first to have no turns at all (they surprisingly will!), will stand something or someone pointing a finger. Go this way! Or that! Turn here! Or there! What is your compass? Do you even have one? What or Who is leading you? And where will it take you because of where you're heading?

Think you trip out very carefully. Consider it. Plan it. Map it. Walk it intentionally. Deliberate detours with caution! Weigh your desires to turn from your path. Are they right? Are they worth it? Where will it land you? How far away will it take you?

Don't be discouraged by obstacles that'll loom in your path. They're meant to discourage you. Meant to distract you. Meant to turn you. Meant to stop you. Don't let them! With God nothing's too tall, nothing too big, no mountain is immovable.

I got a new GPS, a Garmin, for Christmas. It's been such fun! I'm totally impressed and loving it! I can tell already that it's quickly spoiling me. Soon I'll be so attached and rely on it so greatly that I won't know how to travel without it. It tells me how to get there, where to turn, where not to, when I've messed up on my road.

A stray from its direction will get its verbal reply, "Recalculating. Recalculating." Because its whole purpose is to get you to where you were first wanting to go. If after your turn it can't re-route your path it'll warn you to "Turn around as soon as possible. Go 0.2 miles and turn around. Turn around! Turn around! You need to turn around!"

I love its determination! Its relentlessness! Its consistent warning. Its hope. Its want-to to make me turn, to get me back on my right track!
There's a button for "Where am I?" Another one for "Where to?" Another that lets me View my Map. When I see those questions I am quickly reminded of God's question to Hagar on her road. The Lord asked her, "Where have you come from? And where are you going?" Two very good questions to ask ourselves every now and then.

Where am I?

Where have I come from?

Where am I going?

Where to?

Shall I not check and view my map? The Bible I've been given? The Way for my journey? For it's Heaven that I want to arrive at! It's the destination I've chosen. It's where I want to go! And while I am still left on this earthly soil until it's my time to get there, I want to follow my Lord, and walk where He tells me to walk, do what He's told me to do, go where He leads, follow where He's been, walk the road that He's walked and wants me to walk in.

Where are you?

Where have you come from?

Where are you going?

Where to?

This is your trip.... where are you going with it? Are you on the right road for where you hope you'll end up?

Decide where you're going. Never give up! Get to where you want to! Don't let anything deter you!

I didn't just get a GPS for Christmas, I had one born to me years before I ever got here. His name is Jesus. The Anointed One. Christ. Our Messiah. Emanuel. God with us! Our reason for Christmas. He's been such fun! I'm totally impressed and loving it! I can tell already that He's quickly spoiling me. I am so attached and already rely on Him so greatly that I don't know how to travel without Him. Without His Word. Without His Spirit. It's to Him that I am on this road traveling! He tells me how to get there, where to turn, where not to, when I've messed up on my road! He helps me when I'm lost. Picks me up when I've fallen. Assists me and walks with me on His road. :)

I was talking to a friend about all this as my Garmin was telling me, "Recalculating. Recalculating." And I wondered with her how many times I had detoured from God's path and I had Him recalculating... recalculating... But, not really. He already knew.

Wonder, though, at how many times He told me, You need to turn around! Turn around! You can't get there from here. This road will not take you. Turn around! Turn around! Turn around! Turn around! Sharon, you need to turn around here!!! You need to turn now!!!

Might you need to turn? Or are you headed right to where you want to go?

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