Friday, November 4, 2011

We didn't know it, but it was a set-up!

I may have had the look of "green" upon my face in the last post that I typed. But my yesterday's face reflected one of pure excitement, total awe, and ecstatic joy! Blown away actually! What a Wonder of the God we serve! What an Author! Planner. A Put-Togetherer! A Purposer! What a One that Cares! And yesterday (as in many days that we fail to see it), a Setter-Upper!

I'm telling you now.... as God as our witness, HE so sets us up!!!

I'm amazed at the things He so creatively sets into action! None of our eyes had envisioned our yesterday's set up. We had no idea going in. But woe, at what we all felt when we left!

I wasn't the only one skittish with excitement! I wasn't the only one grinning! I wasn't the only one filled with chills. Everyone of us in the room were! Who, but God, could set-up such?!  

We meet at the Criminal Justice building in Dr. L's office. We were meeting with Deon... a recently released inmate. He's only been out seven months after being incarcerated eighteen years. And already busy about trying to help others that have been where he's been... and trying, too, to help others from going there that haven't gone there yet...... hopefully, to keep them from going.

I loved him the minute we met! He's 40 years old, but looked no more than 20. When I first saw him, my thought was "he's 3 years old!" He was slim. Tall. A very nice looking black man. All smiles. Very mannerly. Friendly. I liked him a lot. 

We were meeting him to see what he had been doing. To see how he could get plugged in with the Dept of Corrections and help us. But before we got too far into our meeting, we had an interruption by another man. 

This other guy (Mr. Miller) was supposed to be meeting with the Commissioner. The Commissioner had to leave his office and asked if we could take care of it. Yes, sir, we'll try. And so, we invited Mr. Miller into the meeting where we were.

And then... that's when it all happened. A new radio program starts a week from Sunday. Deon will be the first guest on the show. Somehow I was roped into the offer. I'll be there too; but only after a "round-table" meeting planned for Tuesday to discuss it........................

Oh my, it was moving so fast.............. I had no clue when I went............... How did I get involved???............. Where do I fit in the mix????

I don't know! But somehow I had found myself right in the middle of it. Adopted by this Mr. Miller for.... I don't know, who knows how long, but God???

It was exciting! The radio program is all geared for the younger audience. Trying to keep more of the young people from the streets... from drugs, from drinking, from gangs, from violence....... from losing their lives! Instead of them falling into peer pressure, its hope it to show them a better way in Jesus!

I cannot wait! Woo... let this party begin!

Okay............... so this was a pitiful post.......... but OH, my day was GoOD!!!!

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