Saturday, November 26, 2011

How can I stop her???


"It's desire is to have you! You think it's your desire to have it, but sister, don't fool yourself... it's desire is to have you!"

I told her that.

I was as kind as I could be.


How can I tell her? 

Her eyes said that she wasn't listening. Her facial expressions told me that she didn't want to. Her mannerisms revealed repulsion. I might as well have been talking to a wall.... a duck... a shoe... a post... a TV screen... a commercial... a fly on the wall.... not talking at all!

I was begging her not to do one thing, while I knew in a minute that I'd be watching her do another. How can you stay a person from doing something, when one doesn't want to be stopped from it?

I HATE drugs! I HATE drinking! I HATE what it does to you! Where it takes you! What its hope is to do to you. Yet, so many fall for it. So many are trapped by it. So many jump right back into it after getting pulled out of it! Even after they know! What is its attraction that has such hold? What is it about people that thwarts their freedom and seeks again to be held captive?....

How long? How long? What will it take until they realize? What will it take to make them see? What will it take until they might hear? Why isn't prison enough? Why do they tempt and toy with this thing until they play with it enough and go right back in?

You know, God tells us that a dog will go back to his vomit ("As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly" - Pro 26:11). He does. And we often do. What, I wonder, is in the vomit.... that we'll go back to it and eat it again... and again..... and again..... and again?


  1. Speaking of the "again and again and again".... If we don't handle and QUIT for good all of our "again"s.... we'll never have true freedom. As God says of the Israelites in Judges 6, He too often can sometimes say the same of us.

    Judges 6:1, "Again the Israelites (you?) did evil in the eyes of the Lord, and for seven years (how many years will it take us?) the Lord gave them into the hands of the Midianites."

    Who's your Midian? What's your Midian? What do you keep "again" going back to, that the Lord finally hands you over to because of your rebellion and your plain out determination to go there? How great will it oppress you? How much will it rob from you? What all does it have to ruin in your life before you are so impoverished (as they were), that you (as they did) cry out to the Lord for HELP?!

    One thing that I love so about our Savior... is that it only takes a cry..... and always with that cry, He starts His plan of deliverance!

  2. Back to the question on the table: "How can I stop her?"

    I can't. BUT, my Savior is always waiting and willing and ABLE to save us from all of the things that we get ourselves into. That's good enough for me..... and that can be good enough for her too. :)