Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I watched freedom free one.. and fear freeze another

While I was off today with Leslie...... running her around (after picking her up from prison) trying to get her equipped with what she now needs on the outside (opposed to the in) and settle her into her new place.... two of my sisters were out and about taking my mom to a call-back doctor's appointment because of some test results' concern.

The long list of things that the doctor shared......... scared her! But she didn't act like it. She pretended well. It was later on, when alone in her room, when my sister went to ask her something, that the tears on my mama's face told the true tale of her feeling. Fear! The wonder of what she's now facing! The imagining had her heart racing. Her mind had begun working overtime................ It's cruel sometimes what the scared mind can imagine! And how that cruelty can so deeply sadden. And all on top of the sorrow of losing her husband while feeling left alone in a Thanks-Giving season............

Ow. Sometimes life, even in joyful times, still continues to hurt.

And yet, God is still GOoD! He's still there. He still cares. He still continues to work good things out! He's still able. He's still in control. He's still.................

He's still.


And forever.

He's still.

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