Monday, November 14, 2011

He's Alive! He's Alive!

My oldest daughter was horrified that I had had him practically buried alive already... long before (way before) his time to be. (I'm so sorry! I seriously apologize profusely!)

What can I say? I hadn't heard from him in a big long while, and my imagination had ran away with me.

What I guess she doesn't know, is that I've done the same with her... and with her brother, and her sister, and her dad, and with others I love.

When they go off somewhere for the day or the night and I can't get in touch with them when I think I should be able to................. my mind starts running, my heart starts panicking, my thoughts decide to think the worse; in those moments, the visions of my imaginations are NOT at all very kind to me!

I've imagined the doorbell ringing. I've pictured the policeman standing there when I've opened the door. I've envisioned my horror even before he's said the words that I already know is coming. I've seen in my mind the company that will soon be here... the funeral.... what I'll wear.... the food.... the tears.... the pain, the hurt, the continual absence.............. the awful every-day ache of their not coming back!

And all the while, they're still out there somewhere. Still happily breathing. Living. Laughing. Enjoying. Oblivious to my horror film that my made-up-mind has been playing.

Thank you, Lord, that things are NOT always as we imagine them to be! Thank You for life, when we think that there's death (Oh boy! Could I ever go off on this right now! I'll try to save that for another day.) 

So. Today, I am celebrating the life of a friend that's still fully living and breathing and planning his soon to be "happily-ever-after" wedding and life with the bride that he's picked out for himself without me even knowing it!! As exciting as I had him pictured walking the streets of gold already in Heaven with my daddy, it's a thrill to know, too, that he's still rolling around here (somewhere out there) on this earthly soil! :)

P.S. Tommy, next time DO NOT WAIT so long to speak to me..... Say hey every now and then, if only to keep this blonde-brain of mine from going places that it so quickly in silence takes it! (And again, I'm so sorry that I buried you so quickly!!!) Love to you! And CONGRATS to you and your sweet bride to be!!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED! SO EXCITED! SO EXCITED!!! I hope one day to meet her (if even via Internetted connections)!

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him" (1 Cor 2:9)! Who knows all the "plans" that He has that awaits you two! Whatever it is, it's better than we can imagine it! :)

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