Thursday, June 3, 2010

I feel so loved!

I feel soo loved!

I've been out of town. I've been in Gatlinburg with two of my very bestest, BESTEST, FAVORITIEST friends!!! It was wonderful. We had a blast. It was such fun. We all needed it. We couldn't thank God enough for giving us the opportunity to do it. I am blessed beyond measure in the richness of Christ that I have in those I love and that love me back. The encouragement, the advice, the counsel, and the wonder we share together for our Lord is more than I'll ever understand or deserve.

But then...

On the way home from dropping the second friend off at Atlanta's airport my vehicle evidently grew tired. It did (but for a while I didn't think it would actually be able to) get me back to where I belonged.

But let me tell you what my man did.

He ran to the rescue. He came to get me. He came to sit and wait with my vehicle for a tow truck (should my vehicle have needed it) and loan me his car so that I wouldn't have to.

How's that for a knight in shining armor?.... that rides swiftly to the rescue on his white horse that happens to be a white piece of metal.

I had a blast with my friends. But the love I felt when I got home totally overwhelmed me! Wildly, I have never loved my man like I love him now. Not because of him coming to get me, but because we've been through so much, we've stuck it out, we've hated each other.... UNTIL we loved again! And oh, the bliss, of the second portion of love! Real love! Not infatuation. Not conditional. Not in the lovely. But love that is kind when I don't deserve it. When love has reasons for counting wrongs, but doesn't. When love tries patience, and patience perseveres. When love doesn't fail, no matter the failure between us (even if it first falls and has to get up again)........

I love.... and I feel very much loved! I have never felt so loved... and have never loved so much.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. What a great man you have! You are a wonderful couple!