Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He continues to do what He does!

No sooner did I hit "publish post" to my earlier blog when Prissy called me. She's out of town. She's "despairing." She's drowning in frustration. People are messing up her mood! Her good one. The one she left California with. She feels like crying.

She had called me, then texted me, earlier. She's been trying to fight the feeling. But things haven't only not been working out. Things seem to be meaning not to and purposefully working totally against her.

She just got back from a mountaintop experience with God on Saturday where she basked in His wonder! Where He woo-ed her. Drew her. Whoa-ed her. Blew her mind continually! Where He wow-ed her with His Presence. She had never been so thrilled by her Savior like then. It was at a Christian camp for 7 full days. And she came home from there still soaring in the Heavenlies.

But, if you've been there you know this, coming down from a mountaintop experience is hard! That high you had is quickly snatched, hit, beat out of you. It's hard to stay in that high, because the enemy is relentless in his determination to take that from you. It's a fight. And it's fierce. And ow.... it's mean... and hard to explain.

So... that's where she is. Like I said, she called me earlier to tell me what was going on. Then, later she texted me. She said, "I'm so frustrateddddd... And I don't even know why? Ugh."

I texted her back, "Pray that God will change your mood. And then, let Him do it."

Her reply? "Okay. You talked me into it."

A few minutes later, "Oh mannnnnn it's not working and progressively getting way worse."

It was only a few minutes later when she called again. This time, even more frustrated. She could hear a sigh of some sort in my voice. I know this, because she asked me about it. I told her it's because of what we just texted each other. She said, "I know. But for just a minute I need to vent."

So. I listened.

And then... she did! :)

I told her what I knew about mountaintop experiences with God and what happens when you come back to normal. I told her how hard it is. I told her how mad it makes the enemy. And then, I told her about my day. Some of which I'd just posted. I was surprised at how intense she listened. How I could tell that to her it was making great sense.

I told her about us still being called to be a "Display of God's Splendor" no matter what happens. I told her about the fight I'd had. The one to keep my joy and not let mean rob me of it. I told her how He gives us a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. And that our 'strength' will be found in our 'joy' of the Lord.

She was driving as I was talking and suddenly thought she was lost. She had to get off the phone to call someone near to get directions.

It wasn't long before I heard my phone tell me a had a new text. I wondered what she'd say next? I was a bit fearful of the news. Here's what I found her to say, "The exact words when I turned on the radio was, "You've turned my mourning into dancing, put off my rags and clothed me with gladness!""


I responded, "Wow! That's Him talking and showing you His favor. Letting you know He knows what's going on. He's sending you JOY! He wants you to be strong."

She said, " :)  (I really smiled out loud!)"

How's that for a Savior that wants to so be in our business and help us IF we'll ask Him to! One Who takes off our rags and clothes us with gladness..... simply because that's Who He is... that's what He does!

I'm loving Him a zillion gabillion trillion times today! And feel I love Him more!

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