Saturday, June 26, 2010

EVERY day, Lord???

Every day, Lord?

Each one?

This one too?



Last week?

Last year?

The years before that one?

The next one?

All the ones in my future?

Next Wednesday???

I know this scripture. I've been fascinated with it. It's had me spellbound at times in whoa-ed wonder for different reasons in different seasons. But today, I ran across it again, and all I can say is: You're kidding me, right? You're amazing, Lord! You're so incredible! Who can imagine? Who can fathom? What a wonder of the God we serve!!!!

The verse?

This one. "All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be" (Ps 139:16).


ALL - the days!

Ordained - for ME!

Were written (about me)!

In His book!

Before even one of them... came to be!


Can you even try to comprehend that reality?! How is that? He knows! He KNOWS!

Who is like our God who knows???

W-h-o  is like our God Who writes!!!?!!!  Who not only knows, but writes! Who ordains it. Plans it. Purposes it. Rearranges it. Works it all out for good! 

Who cares! Who prepares! Who thinks it out! Not just thinks anything out, but thinks out MY life! What He wants for me! What He plans for mine! His will for it! What He wants it to do. Where He wants it to go. How He plans to use it. Who, because I've received Him, lives INside it! 

Nothing can happen to me outside the will or the allowance of God. He has written what He hopes for me, what He's dreamed for me, how He can use me, how He can work everything out in my life to use for good, how I can love people through Him, and how He can show others that love and who He is through me.

Woe. Is there anything more comforting to know? (Well, besides "Jesus loves me this I know... for the Bible tells me so."...... And maybe a few more other things. But still! :) )

I KNOW that HE KNOWS the plans He has for me.... and so I go to Him daily and ask Him for it! I ask Him to lead me. I ask Him to help me. I remind Him that I don't know and won't know until He tells or shows me. I remind Him that if I've rebelled, I'm sorry. And if I've missed it, I've not meant to... so, if You will please tell me again, God. And He does!

Before running across this verse that has been thrilling me so today, I was thinking about the guys in the prison @ Bullock that I'll be speaking to on Wednesday. I was reminded that there is power in God's word, that when He sents it forth that it accomplishes what He has sent it to do. I was reminded of the Holy Helper that we have in the Holy Spirit. That lives inside us. That guides us. That reminds us all of what to say to the who that we're saying to in the very exact moment that He has us saying it. And it's then... in the midst of all that... that this scripture popped out at me. And I sat back in awe in my chair and grinned at Him because of what my God had just spoken, "All the days ordained me where written in Your book before one of them came to be." I immediately realized that Wednesday's ordinance has already been written. The Author's hand has already penned it. It's already been inscribed and engraved on the scroll in a Book that's hard for me to imagine that has existence. Wow, Lord, what will go on in that room on Wednesday? Who will be sitting there? What will I be saying? Who all will be listening? What will they hear from all that is said? Where will it take them? What will they do with it? How will I feel when I leave? How much will You burden me with them? How many prayers, after that, for them will be said because they'll be engraved inside my mind's memory?

Every day, Lord? This one too? This moment today? My running across Your words? My awe? My thrill? My wonder? My have-to to tell of it? My typing it now?

Funny, it wasn't so long ago, that this verse thrilled me before (You can find it here.). It was for a different happening... but how I do love how God has a tendency to keep bringing things He's said up again. It is alive and active. It is God-breathed. It says so many things. And fits our moments so well! I love that! I love Him! I love the day the Lord has made! and I will rejoice and be glad in it!


  1. Wow Sharon...This verse hit me a new while reading your post!
    It is so amazing to try and grasp.
    Thanks for posting.
    Praying for your upcoming speaking at the male prison.

  2. Sharon- I am sitting here with tears as I realize how often I forget this. HE not only ordains each day for me, but for my children and husband, as well -- why do I doubt HIS sovereignty? Thank you for being an instrument and posting such wisdom. God Bless you this week, and always...Tami in CA
    PS I sent a link of Prissy's blog to my daughter (I think they must be about the same age) and it really ministered to her. She has her mother's gift for putting life into words. Praying her book works out in God's perfect timing.

  3. Michelle.. and Tami... it is hard to grasp! And it is often way too easy to forget! But wow, when we remember it! I mean like: WOW! It's so hard to fathom! And so wild to think about!!!

    Thanks, Michelle for praying for my Wednesday's appointment. I'm so excited. God is helping me to overcome my fear in myself and trust that He knows what He's doing with the sending! And realizing that, I am totally overwhelmed and excited about the opportunity!

    I can't wait to tell Prissy what you said, Tami. It will thrill her to know this.. and hopefully inspire her to write more. Her head and her heart are so full right now... she wants to write... but somethings (God-things) are often so very hard to put into words. You're so precious to say what you did. Like I said, I so cannot wait to tell her!

    Thanks to both of you girls! Your hearts have blessed mine today tremendously!