Monday, June 7, 2010

Honestly? I haven't a clue! But I know Who does!

I had a friend call me in their despair. In their wonder of the moment of the "bad place" that they're in. Actually, it's not such a "bad place" really. Not one chosen of rebellion. Just a hard place. An unknown. A place of not knowing where to go or what's next.

They called in hopes that I'd help them there.. though I didn't know what to do with it. I don't have the answers they're seeking for. Honestly, other than prayer (which is HUGE), there's not much more I can do for them.

After getting off of the phone from all the things that they said, I wrote them an email. Here's what I said... maybe you're in a hard place and you can't see where you're going? Maybe you're afraid you might lose your job (like them) and you really don't want to? Maybe something written to them might help you too?

Hey friend!

Wow! Well... what a way to drop something in someone's lap and go! I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do with what you've told me. You asked for my thoughts on it. But I'm not sure that my thoughts matter so much... or how my thoughts would benefit you. One thing I'll ask though, what would you say if I asked you if you believed that it was God that brought you to the place you are now? I'm assuming that you would say that He did. Well, if He brought you there, He'll lead you to your next step. And if He has plans for you to stay - you will. If He don't - you'll leave. If He has plans for you to teach - you'll do that too. But if He has plans for something else - you won't. And if you're to have a season of silence - .... well then, it might not be as bad as you think it is. There's a season for everything, you know. I know you're well acquainted with the Scripture that says, "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths" (Prov 3:6). Either He will or He won't, and He says that He will.... thus He has to, because He's faithful. And I (and I'm sure you) believe Him.... so then, what's the wonder?

Okay, so that's easy for me to say in my over here, huh? Because often when God is "directing your path" it isn't always so easily seen in the neon-flashing-lighted ways that we want Him to show us. Nor is it readily given out loud at the first asking. But He's Sovereign and Faithful, and He knows exactly what it is that He wants you to do and where and when it is that He wants you to do it. Matter of fact, He wants it more than you do. So, if you stay bowed in prayer and stay in His Word, He's always faithful to guide you.

One thing I tell Him all of the time, "God, I don't know till I do. And if I missed it, I didn't mean to. And if I meant to, I'm sorry. But I can't know until You tell me loud enough so that it's so evident that it's too obvious to miss."

We make our plans the best we know how, but God is the One that determines our steps (Prov 16:9; 19:21). How can we know if we don't? We really just don't know until we do... and He's better at it than we are and knows more than we do. Not only that, He knows what He wants.

I know I'm not telling you one thing that you don't already know. It actually seems a bit silly to me to even be saying it. I'm sure (or perhaps assuming?) that you'd say the same things to me if I were the one asking. You know today before you told me what you were thinking you expelled this great breath as if the hydrolics on a machine were letting down a heavy load (you can tell I grew up around construction, can't you?). But I really don't think it's as heavy as you think (or feel) that it is. If it's according to God's plan.. it's all in His hands.. and it's all up to Him. You're just the pawn to be moved at His will anyway. How will you know, unless and until He tells you? And why wouldn't He eventually, because you won't know until He does?

This is almost my favorite kind of stuff. Living the in the I-don't-knows of God.. and in the humbled waiting wonder of Him in His plan. (Of course, on this side of it anyway, on your side it's harder.) But truth be told, it's all about His will and His plan anyway... and He'll order your steps as He sees fit to, and usually by only giving you only enough light for the next step to put your foot in, and only one day at a time.

What are you asking me for? You know I don't have the answers. But I'm crazy about the One that does. Basically, you're just the putty in His hands... and if you're yielded to Him and not fighting Him in it, it's the best place in all of the world to be... and you're guaranteed that He'll fulfill His plans for you whatever that might be (Psalm 138:8).

I'm so elementary. I'm not eloquent nor studious nor highly intelligent, I'm just an old country girl that a man married and stuck in the city.... but I am one that knows where her guidance comes from! I'm one that knows The Planner! The One that has purpose for me. The One that has a will for me. And I'm happy to go to Him in all of my I-don't-knows to ask for His wisdom! Being that He is Who He is... He's always willing to give it!

I trust He'll show you His plan.... one step at a time (and rarely before it). And I trust that His plan is greater than yours can imagine!... simply because He says it is (1 Cor 2:9)! I can't wait to see what He has planned for you! It's bound to be glorious! Woe at the wonders of God... and the plans He has for those who love Him!

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