Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't even try it! I'm not herdable!

I ate dinner with two friends that I haven't seen since high school! Wow, that was wild! Talk about going back in time! We had a blast in our time travel!

As we were leaving Michelle was telling us about her brother's dog that is now living with her mother. She told us that it was a breed that was embredded to herd. Thus, being that the dog tries to herd everything in her path, she's afraid for her mom. Her mom's older. Feebler. She's afraid the dog (in her herding attempt) will try to herd her and hurt her by causing her to fall down.

In my crazy way of thinking, I loved the visual!

I loved it!

I told her that I've had a few people in my life trying to "herd" me too. And now, after hearing about her dog, I've finally figured out the name for it. I told her that next time someone tried to herd me astray and make me fall that I was going to know exactly what they're doing and tell them, "I am not herdable! Not get ouf of the way and leave me alone!"

Hilarious! I think Michelle thought I was crazy. But like I said, I've had a blast with the visual!


  1. I totally agree! That is awesome. Satan has been working to heard me into strongholds lately. God has been working on breaking me out of them. I'll just tell Satan I'm not herdable. Well, accept by Jesus. ;)

  2. LOL! That was funny! Loved the pictures to go along with it too!! Such a great visual. Made me laugh! :)