Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're "Why-ers"! We "Why" a lot!


It's a question we often ask, we often wonder, we often ponder. We meditate hours over it, we contemplate, we mull over, we think on, we speculate. "Why did you do that?" "Why did I?" "Why did this happen?" "Why me?" "Why him?" "Why her?" "Why did God let it?"

We're "why-ers" at heart. There are a zillion wonders of "Why" in this world. We "why" about everything. But most "whys" we won't (while in this world anyway) know the answer to. Yet, it rarely stops us from why-ing. It rarely stops us from wondering. It rarely stops us from being hurt by it, hurt from not knowing.

Wonder at how many "Why God" God gets? Wonder at the hearts that cry it? The voices that yell it? Those broken that bellow it? I wonder at His heart when He hears it?

One Sunday while in church our preacher read from Matthew 14 which tells of Peter's walk on the water. Until, that is, he removed his eyes from those of his Savior's and fastened them onto the boisterous waters instead. The waves that threatened. The winds that blew ferociously. We know the sermon. We've heard it often. It's then that Peter began to doubt and so started to sink.

Verse 31 tells us that "Immediately Jesus reached out His hand and caught him. "You of little faith," He said, "why did you doubt?"

It was then that for the first time I saw it. Well, not exactly. I've seen it lots. Read in many times. It's just on that day I noticed what it said. The preacher didn't point it out... but trust me, God had it pointed at me! The word jumped off the page at me. I knew that Jesus pointed out Peter's lack of faith and asked him why did he doubt? But it's really the very first time that I saw Jesus question as we do. Jesus Himself asked Peter our question. Jesus asked Peter, "Why?"

And now I wonder how many times Jesus has asked me my own question? I wonder how many times Jesus has asked me my same question back? When I've wondered "why" to Him, I wonder if He asks me back, 'You of little faith. WHY, Sharon, do you doubt? Why?'

If He is Who He says He is.... If He really is Who He is... then why do I? For after all He is our SAVE-ior. It's why He came. It's what He came for! To save us from ourselves. To save us from our sin. To save us from our prisons. To release us from our cells. To save us from our sickness. To heal us from our sorrow. And even to redeem and save us from our situation when our circumstances and situation at the moment don't change. He has a plan. He's got a purpose. Though we don't see it, there's glory at stake! There's a Display of God's Splendor to show. There's a reason. And God can use it!

"Is anything too hard" for our Savior?!

Even in our wonder of 'why'?

Hmmm... perhaps our road to "Why" just opens an avenue for the wonder of the glory of our Savior? How He'll appear? How He'll ransom? How He'll redeem and show victory through the darkness, because there's Light to magnify and reflect His brilliance on the other side?

Instead of "why"... should we not wonder where this road will take us? And wonder what all He'll show us on the journey He's got us on? And wonder at its purpose??... what glory from it that God plans to bring?

Amazing, isn't it, that most of us have not noticed Jesus' "why" before! It takes on a whole new wonder, doesn't it? Thinking of Jesus asking us, "Why do you doubt Me?" while we're asking Him why something is happening!

I love the new revelation! I just hope that the next time I wanna "Why?" that I'll remember it!

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