Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smacked right into a bad mood

Man,  a mood [even a soaring one] can be changed in only a matter of minutes! I've been soaring in the heavenlies. I've been elated on the mountaintop. I've been whoa-ed with wonder...

And then.

In only a matter of minutes I was knocked into a brooding mood! And sadly, a horrific growl with an attitude!

Please, send me to bed without supper or something and pray I'll wake happier (and nicer) come morning!

My mood has colored my world to be distasteful toward everything. I'm aggravated with everybody. I'm one emotional emotion emoting right after another.  

Ugh! And with all that, I also feel guilt for the way that I'm feeling.... which makes me all the madder.

Yuk! For I've often said that "mad" (as in anger) only makes one mad ("as in crazy, lunatical")... and that mad isn't a good look on anybody. It isn't! It's not a good look! It isn't pretty! I hate ugly! Especially when I'm the one wearing it!

I looked up the meaning. One meaning said, "mood - a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling."

Shooo.... aren't we glad it's relatively temporary!!!!! But dare I not let it become habitual!!! Been there. Done that. Was stayed in the feeling. Used to wear the t-shirt! Chose to change it! Don't put it on as often anymore! And quickly decide to take it off as soon as I see that it's again on me!

Okay. That's enough. No time to waste. No time to lose. I'm shaking the feeling. Replacing it with another one. Jesus died and was resurrected in order to save me! What do I have to be in a bad mood about? I'm a daughter of the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords. And He has a Home that awaits me. Heaven.... and Him! Now, what temporary thing do I have that's worthy of complaining about and losing my overwhelmed wonder of my Savior over?! I've been redeemed!!!!!!!!!! .... and also been redeemed by One that's able to redeem ugly moods and change them completely! "Jesus loves me this I know...." How I thank my God for saving me!

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