Thursday, May 6, 2010

I was totally impressed w/ our Nat'l Day of Prayer

I'm tired.... so won't write but a second. I just had need to say! I have been totally impressed all day with our nation's call to pray! I spent the morning celebrating this call with Alabama's Dept of Corrections and their Pardon and Parole. Incredible! And so impressive! The men and women in that room... and those that led the program.... can I just say I was both humbled and proud to be there! The honor, the praise, the worship, the adoration, the reminders, and the supplication in that room alone to our God was extremely encouraging. May God hear our cries as we humble ourselves before Him, help turn our hearts where He needs to, and heal our land of its corruption. May He stir inside us a greater want and love and dependence upon Him. May we remember Whose we are and what we're called to do. And may we live for His honor and glory all that He meant and purposed and planned and created for us. In this time, in this generation, in this land where He's put and positioned us for His very reasons.

Lord God, May we praise You and honor You and totally live for Your Glory.

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